Vibration monitoring and analysis with ProfiSignal

Expert Vibro is fully compatible with the ProfiSignal software and is available with the "Vibro" option. ProfiSignal is a complete software package for use in data acquisition analysis, visualization and automation.


The software is very user-friendly with specialist functions that are simple to operate. ProfiSignal is modular, scalable and available in the three versions: Go, Basic and Klicks.


The ProfiSignal Vibro option extends ProfiSignal with the following diagrams:

  • Spectrum (FFT)
  • Spectrogram
  • Cascade diagram
  • Envelope spectrum
  • Order analysis
  • Bode plot
  • Time signal (y(t), y(x))
  • Orbitdiagram
  • Polar diagram
  • Shaft centerline diagram


and enables portrayal of the vibration data acquired and processed by Expert Vibro. Orbit and trend graphs portray kinetic shaft orbits including maximum Smax deflection and angular position / phase.

Expert Vibro configuration is performed using Delphin's DataService/Configurator software. The configuration procedure is based on Delphin's tried and tested, intuitive system. Both online and offline configuration is possible. The configuration data is securely stored within the Expert Vibro device.


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