Universal inputs and outputs and secure monitoring

The Expert Vibro is equipped with 4, 8, 12 or 16 synchronous analog inputs with sampling rates of up to 50kHz per channel. It uses a 24-Bit A/D converter to guarantee a high-precision measurement. Channels are all galvanically isolated from each other. This prevents the occurrence of any transverse interference between channels. Integrated comparators and digital inputs allow flexible triggering. Measurement data is monitored "on the fly" with up to 8 digital outputs that can be switched within msecs in the event of limit value violations.


Software channels are available to systematically group limit value violations into batch alarms. Instead of using digital outputs, alarms can also be processed via fieldbus interfaces. Characteristic values or raw time signals from analog inputs can be output to two analog outputs.

Modular analysis

Versatile software channels enable the Expert Vibro to perform complex analysis and monitoring tasks. All relevant characteristic values are obtained from spectra and time signals. Spectra are calculated online (FFT) and saved with time signals and characteristic values. Users can modularly determine the analysis functions required for specific channels. Functions include high, low and band pass filters, integrators, FFT algorithms and many more.


Harmonic vibration monitoring is a typical requirement. Phase measurement delivers the necessary characteristic values. Odd harmonics can also be calculated, such as the blade passing frequency. To monitor frequency bands, speed-adaptive narrow-band characteristics are evaluated. Such characteristics are main frequency and a band's RMS (root mean square) or maximum amplitude.

Software channels for flexibility

Expert Vibro is equipped with advanced signal processing functions. These can be grouped together under the term "software channels". Software channels enable users to easily configure functions such as limit value monitoring, integration or online computations. Even users with no programming expertise can generate and implement their own monitoring and record-keeping systems.


The modular system is tried and tested and very popular. Software channels are created and configured by simple mouse clicking and then run independently within the device. Software channels each have one or more inputs and one output and are simple to link to each other. Even complex tasks are then easy to process. All functions are independently processed by a powerful internal processor that ensures Expert Vibro operates reliably.


Remote monitoring and independent operation

Expert Vibro's large data logger memory of up to 15 GB enables the device to run independently without the need for PC support. The memory can store raw signals, spectra and characteristic values and can be read out via USB, LAN or directly from the device using a USB flash drive. Password protection ensures authorized access only.


Expert Vibro also has wireless connectivity via local Wi-Fi networks or via UMTS and LTE. Wireless modules or a modem can be installed into the device. A slot on the device's front is available for SIM card installation. Antenna connection is available at the device's SMA connectors. The Expert Vibro's touch screen is capable of displaying configuration or measurement data.

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