PC software for Expert Transient

Online and offline analysis

By using ProfiSignal Go, you can portray and analyse online and offline measurement data from Expert Transient devices. Only a few steps are required to go from configuring measurement channels to portraying trends. The portrayal of online and offline measurement data is virtually limitless.

In online mode, users can zoom in on historical data with no interruption in the data being displayed. ProfiSignal Go is capable of processing both large and small data volumes. Detailed data are legible even at the highest zoom levels. Peaks are retained even when viewing across broad time ranges.

A range of evaluation options

ProfiSignal Go offers data portrayal as y(t) diagrams, y(x) diagrams, oscilloscope diagrams and digital logical analyses. All diagrams can be used and reused simultaneously. A patented storage algorithm enables the portrayal of measurement data from over several days, hours or μ-seconds. Searching for maximum and minimum values is thereby made simple.

Long-term archiving

ProfiSignal Go includes the full DataService software. This software offers functions for easy data storage and archiving. Measurement data can be archived to either a measurement data file or a database. ProfiSignal Go enables data to be exported in ASCII, CSV or Diadem™ formats.

Product features

  • Monitoring and analysis of measurement data
  • Recording to separate files
  • Continuous recording to databases
  • Online portrayal in trends
  • Uninterrupted switching to offline data
  • CSV / Diadem™ data export Output or export as EMF files
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Analysis using cursor functions down to μ-seconds
  • Saving of diagram configurations
  • Evaluation of digital signal processing

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