PC software for Expert Logger

Measurement data analysis

ProfiSignal Go enables users to portray measurement data online and offline and to carry out detailed analysis. The software can portray the Expert Logger‘s measurement data in trends. Users can choose between y(t) or y(x) diagrams as well as a range of other analysis diagrams. ProfiSignal Go is especially intuitive to make it highly user friendly.

A range of options

  • Online / offline analysis and diagnosis of measurement data
  • A range of trend formats y(t), y(x), digital signal analysis
  • ASCII / CSV / TDM data exporting
  • Output or export of trends as EMF files
  • Analysis using cursor functions

Offline data evaluation is easy and quick to perform. The software also enables fast ASCII exporting of the measurement data for MS Excel™, or conversion into TDM format. Our customers tell us that it is a pleasure to use ProfiSignal Go.

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