Expert Logger models

Expert Logger is available in four versions which differ only in the number of analog and digital inputs they can process. All Expert Logger devices are  equipped with internal 2 .. 14 GB memories that can independently store up to 420 million measurement values with date and time stamps to msec precision. Storage capacity can be extended as required via external USB or LAN storage devices (NAS). An integrated, energy-saving “sleep function“ automatically switches off the device during breaks in measurement acquisition. The Expert Logger operates with standard batteries, rechargeable batteries or solar units.

    Precision measurement is ensured through the use of a 24-bit converter. Voltages can also be precision recorded to the μV range. All channels are galvanically isolated to suppress earthing loops and the tried and tested input circuitry protects the device against voltage spikes. Electromechanical components are avoided (relays multiplexer), and the device operates noise and maintenance free. Delphin‘s patented analog inputs guarantee years of reliable measuring work.

    Expert Logger interfaces

    Versatile interfaces of the device allow the connection of PCs via LAN, WLAN or USB. PLCs can be easily connected via the ProfiBus or ModBus interfaces. A remote connection is optionally possible by an integrated 3G / 4G modem.


    • 1 x LAN (1 x 1000BaseTX)
    • 1 x USB Master (2.0)
    • 1 x USB Device (2.0)
    • 1 x SDI12 (by using deleted 1xDI and 1xDO) (only 100 and 200)
    • 2 x CAN Bus (2.0)
    • 3 x RS232/485 (2 x PROFIBUS Slave, ModBus RTU, ASCII Protocol)
    • 1 x WLAN oder WWAN (optional)

    Expert Logger accessories

    • Rechargeable pack for energy independent operation
    • External data storage
    • UMTS / LTE module
    • WLAN module

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