Expert Logger functions

Universal, communicative, reliable

Below is a list of the main features of Expert Logger. If you have any questions please contact us.

OPC UA interface

  • Server/Client interface
  • Suitable for Industry 4.0
  • Open and barrier-free communication

Sensor connection

  • Universal analog inputs (mV mA, TC, RTD)
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Plug-in screw terminals

Serial and SDI12 interfaces

  • SDI12 interfaces for environmental sensors
  • Serial RS232 ports and a RS485
  • Configuration of individual ASCII protocols

Battery and rechargeable operation

  • Independent operation possible with batteries orrechargeables
  • Minimal energy consumption via a sleep function
  • User-defined wake and measuring intervals

Internal data storage

  • 2 .. 14 GB of internal data storage for up to 420 million measurement values
  • Time stamps to msec resolution
  • Data read out via LAN, WLAN or USB interface

External data storage

  • Data recorded to external storage media (USB, NAS)
  • PUSH function to send measurement data to theinternet
  • Event-triggered recording with pre and post histories

Remote monitoring

  • WLAN link to PCs and mobile devices
  • Optional LTE / UMTS / 4G integrated modem
  • Automatic notification via email or text messaging

PC and field bus interfaces

  • LAN and USB interface to a PC or network
  • CAN-Bus interface for reading / writing identifiers
  • Field bus interfaces PROFIBUS DP, Modbus

Monitoring functions

  • Monitoring and data logging in a single device
  • Limit value setting for any sensor signal or calculationchannel
  • Controlling digital outputs with user-defined triggering

Signal processing

  • Averaging (middle, min, max, RMS values)
  • Integration of time signals into volumes, masses or working values
  • Computational functions (basic functions, polynomial, trigonometric ...)



The touch display enables users to configure the Expert Logger‘s basic settings such as the IP address and network mask. The display also simultaneously shows selected measurement data. The display operates via either touch or an external USB mouse.

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