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With our software packages, we offer you comprehensive software solutions for the areas of measurement technology, measurement data and process analysis as well as process control.

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With our measurement software and automation software you can:


  • Record measurement data
  • Analyse and visualise measurement data and measurements
  • Operate process monitoring
  • Measure and evaluate oscillations and vibrations
  • Operate condition monitoring
  • Automate equipment and systems
  • Decentralised remote maintenance and remote control of plants and buildings
  • Implement energy management according to ISO 50001

Platform-independent measurement software for PC, tablet or smartphone

The measurement technology software we have developed enables the visualisation of the measurement data of machines or plants at the control station or at the office workstation. In addition, with our software it is also possible to carry out the visualisation of measurement data and process monitoring directly at the plant on a tablet or smartphone.
Thanks to these software functions, you are platform-independent with our measurement data and measurement technology software and can implement almost any access combination.

Typical areas of application for platform-independent measurement software

  • Acquire, display and analyse measured values platform-independently
  • Visualising measurement data directly at the plant on a tablet or smartphone
  • Process monitoring with a tablet or smartphone
  • Laboratory measurement data acquisition, trials and tests
  • Commissioning and service measurements
  • Condition monitoring of systems and machines as well as fault value analysis
  • Operating and process data acquisition

What is important in platform-independent measurement software?

High-performance visualisation and optimised data handling: The basic task of metrology software is to visualise and analyse live data and historical measured values as efficiently as possible in diagram types suitable for the respective application. Here, it is not only important to have a visually appealing display and simple configurability, but also optimised data handling, so that measurement data are updated without jerks and fast zooms between different temporal resolutions are also possible.

Process monitoring without implementation effort: In addition to the visualisation and analysis of measured values, many users need a simple option for process monitoring. A complete SCADA system often appears to be oversized and also exceeds the scope in terms of price and implementation effort. It is therefore obvious to use a measurement technology software with which the user can not only display measured values but also use process monitoring functions.

Displaying measurement data and process monitoring with tablet, smartphone and PC: A current requirement of many users for a measurement technology software is the display of measurement data on the tablet or smartphone. In addition, it should still be possible to use Windows-based desktop PCs. Complete platform independence is therefore required.


ProfiSignal 20 Go - The platform-independent measurement technology software for measurement data analysis and process monitoring

Visualise and analyse measurement data on smartphone, tablet and PC

With ProfiSignal 20 Go, the user can visualise, monitor and analyse measurement data on all platforms in just a few steps, both online and offline, in various diagram types, archive it as a measurement file or export it directly in the appropriate file format. Even during the ongoing measurement, historical measured values can be accessed without interruption, for example to compare them with the current test. With the help of various statistics functions, data areas to be examined can be marked and analysed directly. The recorder function simplifies experiment execution, enables direct comparison between different experiment runs and is required for batch processes. The recorder function generates a measurement data file which can easily be sent by e-mail for further evaluation.

ProfiSignal 20 Basic - Platform-independent process monitoring

With ProfiSignal 20 Basic, the user can create individual charts for use on PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet using a wide range of operating and monitoring elements. Both process monitoring of continuous processes (e.g. production data acquisition) and discontinuous measurement tasks (e.g. test measurements) can thus be realised without any programming effort. The operating and observation diagrams are created by assembling and configuring the prefabricated elements. In addition, all functions of ProfiSignal 20 Go are included in ProfiSignal 20.

SCACH - visualising measurement data and process monitoring via smartphone or tablet by QR code scan

A highlight of ProfiSignal 20 is the innovative SCACH function. A simple scan of an on-site QR code via smartphone or tablet is sufficient to bring selected machine data or even a complete plant visualisation to the display of the mobile terminal. This makes measurement data analysis and process monitoring easier than ever before.



Discontinued software

Software development is a constant evolution. For this reason, we are also continuously developing our measurement technology software. In recent years, we have discontinued software. For the discontinued measurement software products, we offer you innovative new software products with a wider range of functions. Find out which new Delphin measurement technology software alternatively fits your requirements.