Overview of informations

Universal testing device


445 x 177 x 370 mm, 19“-table top housing with 4 HE

Control and measurement
data acquisition

TopMessage-System (Delphin-product) - Network compatible, scalable.
Recording and preprocessing of all measurement data via integrated software channels.
Control and automating options via relay and digital as well as analog outputs.


4mm-safety connector sockets for electrical connections, 3 inputs for AC/DC currents, 3 inputs for AC/DC voltages.
Resistors in 4-wire technology using 4mm safety connector sockets.

Temperature measurement

24 thermocouple inputs per device. All standard types available, e. g. K, J, L, T, U. Full galvanic isolation.
8 channels of which are also for RTDs or other probes (PTC/NTC/thermistors ...).
Thermocouple connections via miniature connectors (white Cu/Cu).

Temperature rangeType K: -50 .. 1,232 °C / Type J: -50 .. 1,078 °C / Pt100/Pt1000: -260 .. 850°C.
Automatic cold junction compensation.
Resistance measurement

Resistance range 0 .. 10 kOhm. Precision resistanc measurement via 4-wire technology, usable for up to 8 channels.
Optional resistance measurement unit for mOhm -values.

General signals

8 channels including voltage and current signals from measurement transducers. Connection via 4mm laboratory connectors.

Electrical measurement

Determining voltage, current, power 2 or 3 phase. Full galvanic isolation to remaining measurement technology.
Voltage range: 0 .. 290 Volt / Current range: 0 .. 1 A, 5 A, 20 A.
Power range: results from voltage and current ranges.

Serial interfaces2 serial interfaces available. A range of protocols such as Modbus RTU, ASCII ...
Connection of external equipment such as power measuring units, scales, displays etc.