Just complete

The standard universal testing device is delivered with the ProfiSignal Go software. The device is therefore ready for immediate use.

Acquisition and storage

ProfiSignal Go can record measurement data, display it as trends, analyse it and export it. Measurement data can be monitored online as trends while archived data is being evaluated. Set-up is very simple. It takes just a few mouse clicks to go from sensor connection to trend output. ProfiSignal Go is supplied free of charge with each universal testing device.

Limitless trends

There are virtually no limits to the trend portrayals of online and offline measurement data. Archived and online measurement data can be evaluated without having to interrupt ongoing measurement tasks. This is a unique function and is especially valued by users. As well as y(t) and y(x) diagrams, logic diagrams are also available. All diagram functions from the ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Klicks software versions are also available such as sliding axes, zoom functions, cursors and markers, CSV and EMF data export.


For visualization and automation functions, software upgrades to ProfiSignal Basic and ProfiSignal Klicks are possible at any time.

Alarm functions

As well as trend functions, ProfiSignal Go also provides alarm management systems. A global alarm list simply and clearly portrays alarm notifications in tabular form.


Alarm settings for the monitoring of over-runs, under-runs, process violations, status outcomes etc. are configured using the DataService / Configurator software.


Other actions such as emails, text messaging or digital output triggering may also be performed.

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