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As well as the analog and digital inputs/outputs and internal data memory, the universal testing device is also equipped with calculation channels, monitoring and logic functions that can be set up within the device as “virtual channels”. These virtual channels process the online measurement data and make it available for visualization, storage or control purposes.


Process and control functions enable the simple and intuitive configuration of complete programmable procedures. These can then run independently without requiring any PC support. Virtual channels have clear advantages over PLC in that changes (e. g. to threshold values) can be performed during operations and without affecting other functions. This is of particular benefit in laboratory applications.

Limit values

Limit values for alarm output and event management. User friendly functions for determining normal operating conditions. Integrated wire-break monitoring and watchdog functions.

Calculation channels

Computational linked channels. Differential measurements, quotients, efficiency rates, output performance etc., and the recording and evaluation of a calculation channel takes place as if for a hardware channel. Averaging channels, statistical functions, calculation of average values and statistical functions.

PID controller

Simultaneous multiple controllers. Automatic and real-time settings as default parameters.


Integration and differentiation of measurement data (e. g. flow rates to volumes). Also includes the functions: Operating hour counter, edge counter and totaller.


Targeted generation of edges and impulses in digital outputs. Simple to operate tool for controlling external set-ups.

Alarm functions

Independent transmission of fault notifications as email or text message. Requirements: Network operation or GSM modem.

COM and Modbus channels

Serial interfaces for connecting weighing machines or large displays via RS232/422/485, protocol generator for ASCII protocols, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. Protocols for a diverse range of equipment are available.

Set points

Generation of set point graphs for internal/external use. Operating external equipment (e. g. controllers). Process control and sequential logic systems. Monitoring processes on a PC. 

Linearisation channels

Permanently built-in sensor linearisation and user-defined sensor characteristic curves (up to 7.500 value pairs).

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