Universal testing device

Various measurement and automation tasks

The universal testing device is intended for a diverse range of measurement and automation tasks in laboratories and in test engineering. Thermocouples, RTDs and other sensors can be directly connected. Electrical AC/DC values can also be acquired with the universal testing device.


Integrated signal conditioning makes measurement transducers unnecessary. All analog inputs can be used universally. Each analog input can be connected with a thermocouple, a RTD or voltage and current signals. Galvanic isolation of the analog inputs to each other as well as to the power supply ensures secure measurement data acquisition. Galvanic isolation also prevents earth loops or short circuiting through non-isolated sensors.


Switch and analog outputs enable the automation of test procedures with a universal testing device. The universal testing device can securely store measurement and control data independently and without PC support via its integrated up to 14 GB data memory.


The universal testing device is therefore particularly suited to testing systems for electrical products such as bulbs, lamps, kitchen equipment, in-built kitchen appliances and electrical tools.


The intuitive ProfiSignal software is included with delivery of the universal testing device. It can immediately be used for measurement and testing tasks.

Benefits with Delphin products

  • Directly operable from desktop via integrated network interfaces
  • Compact design in a 19“ tabletop housing
  • Differential and galvanic isolation of inputs
  • Universal analog inputs (mV, mA, thermocouple and RTD)
  • Resistance measurement
  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • AC-/DC current / voltage/ power measurements
  • Switch and analog outputs for automation of test procedures
  • Up to 16 GB internal memory
  • A range of internal set-point, calculation and logic channels
  • Connectivity to external hardware via serial interfaces
  • Monitoring and alarm functions
  • A range of drivers are available: OCX (API), OPC, LabView, DasyLab