Measurement systems according to your requirements

Delphin's mobile measurement cases are available in robust aluminium or plastic versions. All connections are engraved with durable lettering to ensure users never lose the overview. Two brush strips on either side of the mobile measurement case's lid provide simple dust proof feeds to the sensor connections.


During measurement, the case can be closed and made tamper and theft proof.

Connections available for any sensor

  • Plug-in screw terminals
  • Plug-in spring terminals
  • Lemo connectors
  • Laboratory connectors
  • BNC connectors
  • Cage-type terminals
  • Double terminals
  • Feed-through screw terminal
  • Thermominiature connectors
  • Circular connector
  • Other connectors

The measurement hardware connections can also be wired parallel to multiple plugs / connectors on the mobile case's surface so that users need not be dependent on one connection type. Special requests can always be taken into consideration for the mobile case set up.

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