Measuring case for mobile measurement data acquisition

Delphin measurement cases – configurable | Data loggers & ICA systems

OPC UA, ProfiNet & Modbus capable | Digital and analog inputs and outputs

Measurement cases for professional requirements

Modular measurement cases from Delphin are probably the most powerful measurement cases available for professional and mobile measurement data acquisition.


Every measurement case is built around the powerful Delphin data loggers, which are renowned as the industry's gold standard. The inbuilt data loggers provide users with smart features and PLC control capabilities in addition to all the required measurement functions. This represents a level of performance that is second to none!


The innovative Delphin DAQ software for measurement data management and evaluation means that our measurement cases are practically unrivalled. It has never been easier to measure, record and process complex data. Communication standards such as Ethernet, WLAN or mobile radio enable the cases to be perfectly integrated into any operational process.

Whether measuring cases for fault analysis, energy measurement, for measuring voltage, current and temperatures or for use as mobile control and regulation systems. Delphin measuring cases are always the right solution.

Maximum modularity and customisation

The exceptional Delphin measurement cases mean that makeshift systems for mobile and flexible testing and measuring are things of the past!

The Delphin measurement systems used mean that the required inputs and outputs can be scaled precisely to your measurement needs. Integrated control and regulating functions also enable automation technology to be used in the field.


Large and complex industrial plants or power stations can also be put into operation by combining multiple measurement cases.



Available measuring cases

The needs and expectations from mobile measurement data acquisition are diverse and constantly changing. For this reason, we have two options:

1. Preconfigured measurement cases

Measurement cases developed and optimised by our engineers.


Our many years of experience have enabled us at Delphin to perfect a wide range of measurement cases for a variety of universal and standard applications.


Pre-configured measurement cases are ideal for projects with tight budgets that require only a high-end rather than a customised solution.

2. Customised measurement cases – configured in 5 steps

Benefit from our experience! We use a 5-step system to develop and produce exactly the measurement case you need.


We decide together which Delphin hardware to install according to the specific requirements.

We can integrate any of the currently available transducers, transmitters and measuring components into the required Delphin hardware.


Measurement data is then pre-processed and stored centrally by Delphin data loggers in the case.

For which applications are the measuring cases made?

Delphin measurement cases are designed for use practically anywhere in the world. Wherever data is, measurement cases can be used to acquire it!


Measurement cases are robust and sealed synthetic cases up to IP67. Even the most daring mobile measurement data acquisition projects can then be performed. The integrated PLC control functions in Delphin data loggers enable test setups such as test benches. Remote alarm monitoring, SCADA functions and long-term data acquisition are easy to implement. The "Data Center" and "ProfiSignal" software developed by Delphin are user friendly and require no programming skills.


Built-in network functions such as Ethernet, WWAN, WLAN or 4G/LTE enable easy stand-alone use. Different bus protocols can be used when required. Delphin software allows measurement and control data to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Examples of measurement case applications:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Acceptance testing
  • Predictive monitoring
  • Laboratory testing with measurement and control functions
  • Research and development
  • Temporary system monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Performance testing and monitoring
  • Temporary vibration measurement on installations, structures, equipment and vehicle testing, etc.
  • Transient system monitoring for maintenance and eliminating faults
  • Performance testing in large processes to reduce errors and lower operating costs in accordance with energy management ISO 50001
  • Fault analysis

At the heart of every measurement case is Delphin hardware to perform control and regulating functions as well as measurement data acquisition.

Measurement cases are also flexible regarding the number of inputs and outputs required for sensors.


Delphin slave units can be used to increase the number of inputs and outputs per case. The inputs and outputs can have the following functions/characteristics:


  • Analog inputs and outputs (Analog I/Os)
    Universal analogue inputs
    For currents, voltages, resistance measurements, any thermocouple, resistance temperature devices (RTDs).
    Voltage measuring ranges: ± 156 mV to ± 25 V
    Current measuring ranges: 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or any currents
    Analog outputs for voltage and currents
  • Digital inputs and outputs (digital I/Os)
    Digital inputs with frequency measurement function up to 1 MHz, counter functions with minimum pulse width from 500 nanoseconds
    Digital outputs with PWM (pulse width modulation)
  • Standard protocols and transmission standards
    Integrated connectors such as Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS485 enable Delphin data loggers to record, transmit, store and process control, measurement and sensor data via standard industrial automation technology protocols.
    The following standards are supported: OPC UA, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, CAN bus and ProfiNet, PROFIBUS


  • Vibration measurement – Displacement, velocity and acceleration sensors. IEPE supply available.
  • Special sensors – Strain gauge, SDI-12 sensors
  • Temperature measurement – Thermocouple (reference measuring point included in the case), RTDs connectable in 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire technology
  • Sensor connection, ICA components, & devices
    Any sensor (GPS sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, brightness sensors, thermistors, humidity sensors ... ) can be connected using the listed inputs, outputs, connections and interfaces. Any other third-party devices can be connected via the corresponding protocols or serial interfaces
  • Sensor and device drivers
    We develop drivers for device connection when required

Measurement data acquisition accuracy depends on several factors. We therefore discuss with you in advance of each order the requirements for measurement accuracy and resolution for the measurement data.


Measurement accuracy is primarily determined by how the sensors or third-party hardware you use interact with the measurement case.


Inbuilt hardware

Depending on requirements, we install different Delphin data loggers in our measurement cases, e.g. ProfiMessage D, Expert Logger or Expert Vibro. If a particularly large number of inputs and outputs are required, we install corresponding slave units with I/O modules.


Galvanic isolation

Delphin units are galvanically isolated in order to protect the units in use and to ensure accurate measurement data.


Measurement data resolution

All Delphin data loggers installed in the measurement cases have 24-bit AD converter resolution as standard. The Expert Key is the exception. This has 18-bit resolution.


Adjustable measuring ranges from ± 156 mV to ± 25 V enable optimal / continuous resolution for every application.


Sampling rates

Delphin data loggers available for measurement cases have sampling rates ranging from ultra slow to a synchronous 50 kilohertz (kS/s) per channel.


Differential inputs

All devices are equipped with differential inputs. Each measurement input therefore has its own ground reference. Ground references prevent ground loops and therefore prevent inaccurate measurements!


We have been developing our equipment and measurement cases for over 40 years, always focussing on the user. Operating and setting up any Delphin device is therefore user friendly and intuitive. They are not black box solutions requiring constant external support.


The system settings for Delphin data loggers from the Expert series installed in the measurement cases can be made quickly and easily via a touch screen.


Inputs and outputs as well as data sources from interfaces (Modbus, OPC UA, ProfiNet ...) are put into operation quickly and efficiently by the Delphin Data Service software.


No programming skills are necessary – the Delphin Data Service helps you to set up new sensors and data sources by providing preset sensor data and characteristic curves.

All Delphin data loggers installed in the measurement cases are designed for safe, continuous and long-term recording of measurement data.


Data storage within the device

All acquired data is stored in an internal memory in the data logger and immediately pre-processed according to settings. It is possible to have redundant storage within the device. Delphin data loggers only use extremely reliable and durable "industrial grade" memory.


Volume of storable measurement data

Delphin data loggers can store 30 million measurement values per gigabyte. This means 480 million values can be stored in the device depending on the size of its internal memory. Example: With 10 measuring channels á 10 measurements per second, 100 measured values per second will be generated. With an internal memory in the device of 16 GB, the device will be able to measure for approximately 2 months at a time until the memory is full.


Structured data

All data is structurally stored and exportable. This feature enables externally recorded data to be accessed via OPC UA or ProfiNet and to be stored in the measurement case.


Storing data to PC, server or cloud

All data acquired by the data logger can be transferred to a connected PC or server using a USB, network or the internet. Live transmission of the data is also possible. In the event of a network failure or other interruption to the connection to a measurement case, the data logger automatically synchronises all data with the PC or server as soon as it is re-connected. Data is stored using the Delphin Data Service PC/server software. The Data Service can acquire up to 100 million readings per second.


Data export via USB stick

All data acquired in the measurement case's data logger can be read out to a USB stick. A PC is not required for this.


Data storage in the event of a power failure

Delphin data loggers record continuously, unlike PLCs or other solutions measurement and automation technology. If there is a power failure, the data logger immediately re-starts on its own and resumes its work independently; no initialisation is necessary. Any measurement case can be optionally equipped with a rechargeable battery to ensure stand-alone operation.


Data export & API

Any measurement data acquired by the measurement case can be exported. Export is possible in the following formats and for the following programmes or applications:

File formats:

  • XML, CSV, ASCII, WAV, Diadem
  • Microsoft Office applications: Diagram export as EMF and export as XML & CSV
  • LabVIEW: Connection via software interface directly via the Delphin Data Service
  • MATLAB: Importing measurement data via WAV file
  • Python: Direct measurement data import via Python API
  • DIAdem: Exporting data in DIAdem format

Data evaluation

We recommend ProfiSignal software for optimally evaluating, displaying and monitoring acquired measurement data. The powerful measurement software ProfiSignal along with SCADA enables quick and easy viewing of measurement data. ProfiSignal is also among the top solutions to fully monitor and manage systems and enable condition monitoring. The ProfiSignal Vibro option also enables vibration monitoring. Measurement data evaluation can also be performed for all applications supporting the above file formats and APIs.

Delphin measurement cases are designed to perform measuring and control tasks without having to be connected to a PC.


Sensor configuration when starting a new measurement project is performed via a Windows PC or server. This can also be a laptop that is directly connected to the measurement case. The measurement case can also be configured via a PC/server connected via a network.


Measurement data is recorded in the measurement case’s data logger. This does not require a connected computer.

All data loggers made by Delphin and installed in the measurement cases have, in addition to their extremely powerful measuring functions, the kind of control and regulating functions familiar in commercially available PLCs.

Computing tasks are performed by powerful CPUs in the Delphin data loggers.



Settings are configured rather than programmed. The configuration software contains preconfigured function blocks, known as software channels. These software channels can be used to simply configure all incoming signals (analog, digital, serial ...) using drag & drop and to assign functions and dependencies.

Outputs can be programmed according to the same principle.  

1. Preconfigured measurement case versions

Mobile measurement data acquisition for standard applications

A measurement case developed and optimised by our engineers. Our many years of experience have enabled us at Delphin to perfect a wide range of measurement cases for a wide variety of universal and standard applications. They are ideal for projects with tight budgets that require only a high-end rather than a customised solution.

Measurement case for fault analysis

Measurement case for oscillations and vibrations

ICA measurement case for instrumentation, control and automation technology

Condition monitoring measurement case

Measurement case for process and energy data acquisition

2. Customised measurement case in 5 steps

Over the past 40 years, Delphin's engineers and developers have been on a mission:

To always find the perfect solution for advanced measurement data acquisition.


Do you need more than what our standard measurement case solutions provide?

Then our measurement cases for mobile measurement data acquisition, individually manufactured and configured for you, are exactly what you are looking for.

Your measurement case in 5 steps.

Contact our experts and configure the perfect measurement case solution for your needs using our 5-step system.
We then manufacture your measurement case in our production facility in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.

The 5 step system to getting a measurement case:


  1. Specify the application and requirements
  2. Specify measurement data acquisition and control
  3. Specify optional equipment
  4. Specify connection options
  5. Select type of case


  • Made in Germany – Production in Bergisch Gladbach
  • Every product is tested in our laboratory prior to delivery
  • Every device is factory calibrated. Calibration according to DAkkS is optionally available
  • DAkkS calibrated – Devices calibrated as per laboratory calibration according to ISO


Measurement case interfaces

  • LAN / Ethernet
  • WLAN
  • Mobile / WWAN (UMTS, LTE, 4G, 5G)
  • USB
  • CAN bus
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • GPS


Communication protocols

Depending on the installed device, the measurement cases have the following communication protocols/standards:

  • OPC UA
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP
  • ProfiNet
  • SCPI
  • Direct connection of third-party devices possible via special drivers. For special devices, driver development takes place quickly and efficiently in our software department.


Connections and mountings

  • Connections, inputs, outputs, fuses and devices are mounted in the measuring cases on a robust aluminium plate.
  • Every connection is marked with an engraving on the fitted aluminium connection plate.
  • Waterproof and dustproof cable grommets can be fitted to the case on request.
  • Any standard terminal and plug connectors can be installed:
    • Plug-in screw terminals
    • Plug-in tension spring clamps
    • Lemo jacks
    • Lab jacks
    • BNC jacks
    • Cage terminals
    • Double-decker terminals
    • Feed-through screw terminals
    • Thermominiature jacks
    • Round connectors


Power supply and battery / undervoltage supply

  • Every measuring case has a power supply and an internally installed power supply unit.
    The local mains voltage according to country is considered during production.
  • A battery/undervoltage supply can be optionally installed in each case.
    This provides stand-alone capability in locations without power supplies or for uninterrupted operation in the event of power fluctuations.


Measurement case as a measurement network

  • Several measurement cases can be connected together as a mobile measurement network to meet the needs of complex measurement tasks. This can be done locally via Ethernet or WLAN.
    If measurements are to be taken at locations further away from each other, synchronisation via mobile radio and GPS is possible.


Inbuilt Delphin devices for measurement data acquisition

  • Any of the available Delphin data loggers and PC-supported data acquisition devices can be installed in Delphin measurement cases.
  • Depending on requirements, several Delphin measurement data acquisition devices can be installed in one case. The number of digital and analog inputs and outputs can then be expanded as required using slave devices.
  • Other devices in the case or in the system or test set-up being measured can be connected directly to the measurement case's data logger via bus protocol or a specially developed driver.


Cases and crates

  • Peli™ synthetic case:
    Robust, impact-resistant, waterproof and dustproof (up to IP67) – in a range of sizes
  • Aluminium case if required
  • Our production facilities also enable installation in transport crates or other containers.



  • Vibration measurement – Displacement, velocity and acceleration sensors. IEPE supply available
  • Special Sensors – Strain gauge, SDI-12 sensors
  • Temperature measurement – Thermocouple (reference measuring point included in the case), RTDs connectable in 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire technology
  • Sensor connection, ICA components, & devices
    Any sensor (GPS sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, brightness sensors, thermistors, humidity sensors ... ) can be connected using the listed inputs, outputs, connections and interfaces.
    Any third-party devices can be connected via the corresponding protocols or serial interfaces.
  • Sensor and device drivers
  • We develop appropriate drivers for device connection when required.

The following Delphin data acquisition hardware can be installed

We provide worldwide maintenance and service options for our products and measurement cases.

  • Application development
  • Customer service hotline: We offer our customers a service and expert hotline to respond to queries and problems.
  • Help database – Online help: Detailed online help is available if you have any questions about setting up or configuring the Delphin devices installed in your measurement case. The online help has an extensive knowledge base. This can be accessed via the device's software.
  • Calibration: Every measuring system produced by Delphin leaves our production facility calibrated according to ISO 9001 DAkkS traceability. To maintain your Delphin measurement system's calibration, we offer a range of options. If required, the devices are calibrated according to DIN EN ISO IEC 17025 in an accredited test laboratory.
    To avoid downtimes, a replacement device will be provided if required for the duration of the calibration.
  • Service and maintenance contracts: Be on the safe side with our service/maintenance contracts. We offer regular and customised services according to your requirements, e.g. on-site maintenance, access to our service hotline, regular calibration and testing in our laboratory.
  • Replacement devices: We can provide you with a similar replacement measurement if required

We recommend a 1-2 day training course to get the most out of the Delphin measurement cases.

Compared to competing products, Delphin's hardware and software is generally very intuitive and quick to learn. No special programming skills are required.
Setting up/configuring ICA functions is also quick to understand and can usually be done by the operator, technician or engineer on site. 

The cost per case varies greatly due to the different applications and special requirements for each measurement case and the associated customised production. Our experts will be happy to advise you and provide you with a quote based on needs.