Applications in testing laboratories – always extendible

Theluminaire testing device is designed so that a master unit –   i. e. the lowest configuration level – can be extended at any time with a slave unit.


With one basic master unit, users receive two measurement circuits that can each have assigned 16 thermocouple inputs / connector capacities for single or dual flame luminaires.


A slave unit then provides two additional measurement circuits (circuits 3 and 4) with another 16 thermocouple inputs, giving a 4-flame luminaire master / slave system with up to 32 thermocouples. It is of course also possible to carry out independent measurement of multiple test samples.


Additional master / slave systems as well as separate master units can also be integrated into the system. The associated software is then reconfigured to make the units operational with each providing up to four measurement circuits.

Ready for the future – power measuring unit for secondary values

By using an additional power measuring unit (easily positioned on the master unit), the master unit can then acquire – for measurement circuits 1 and 2 – electrical secondary values for electronic ballast lamps or LED lamps and can output the results to the required protocols and reports.

A single PC as operating base

The entire measurement procedure can be operated from a single operating system (from Windows XP onwards). An SQL database enables access to the measurement data even from other PCs. Data can then be accessed by any user at any time.

The complete software package comprises

  • Database Editor – to update lamp components, testers, etc.
  • Configurator – to generate and update measurement runs
  • Luminaire testing device – to commence independent measurement runs for any number of lamps
  • Report generator – to generate industry or test required protocols in different languages
  • Win3.11 converter – to convert protocols and measurement runs from previous Delphin systems