Overview of informations

Luminaire testing device

Testing capacity
Number of test panels per master unit2 lamp circuits per unit
Number of test panels per slave unit2 lamp circuits per unit
Number of lamp circuits per test sample1 .. 4 lamp measurement circuits per test sample
Number of test samples per unitUp to 4 test samples per master / slave combination, running simultaneously and independently

Temperature measurement
Number of thermocouple inputs16 per unit as standard, extendible to 64
ConnectorThermal miniature connectors, polarized
Thermocouple typeAny type, e. g. J, L, K, T, S, ...
Measurement rangeType J: -210 .. 1.200 °C, Type K: -270 .. 1.372 °C
Reference junctionAutomatic compensation
Ambient temperature measurementVia high precision Pt100 included in delivery
Temperature normalizationAutomatic normalization to 15 °C, 25 °C or any other value

Resistance measurement / winding temperature
Resistance measurementR-cold / R-warm, primary / secondary winding
Resistance measurement range0 .. 10 kOhm, automatic range selection
Measurement currentAutomatic adaptation to measurement current
Measurement procedureHigh precision using 4-wire resistance measurement technology
tw computationStandard computation taking into account ambient temperature

Electrical measurement
Voltage range0 .. 320 VAC, TRMS, automatic range selection
Current range0 .. 1 AAC, 10 AAC, 20 AAC (via shunt), TRMS, automatic range selection
PowerPnom,Pprim,Psec,Plamp, calculation of power loss
Power rangeDepending on voltage and current ranges. Automatic selection of measurement range.

General technical information
WeightMaster unit approx. 17 kg, salve unit approx. 15 kg
Dimensions (B x H x T)500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm
MountingWall mounting or mobile rack (accessories)
Temperature range–20 .. 60 °C
Power supply230 VAC ± 10 %, alternative 115 VAC ± 10 %
Power inputmax. 100 VA
Control and data acquisitionTopMessage system (standard Delphin product)
Network interfacesRJ45, TCP-IP, HTTP, SMTP, SNTP