Multiple program sections

The luminaire testing device software has multiple program sections. The program sections then make up the entire thermal and electrical test procedure according to EN 60598-1.


The Configurator is the basis of the luminaire testing device software. The Configurator is used to set the test type, test procedure and test parameters such as device driver ballast type, temperature measurement points, test etc.


This data is then stored in (*.lpk) container files and started using the luminaire testing device software.

Automated testing using the luminaire testing device

The assigning of measurement circuits and points takes place in the "luminaire testing device" program section using the Configurator's container file data. Following assignment, testing is performed automatically according to EN 60598-1. A separate window is displayed for each measurement circuit showing, in log mode, the test phase being performed. Also displayed are current temperatures and their actual level of steadiness.


Electrical values can be measured and displayed at any time by manual intervention. It is also possible to display the actual temperature profile from the outset of the measurement process.

Standardized protocol generation

A report generator, which can be installed on additional PCs, enables the generation of standardized and testing agency approved test protocols for each test run. Ambient temperatures are then normalized and all measurement data converted to a room temperature of 25°. Output then takes place to a monitor, printer or PDF document and is available in English, French or German.


As well as the type of data required by test agencies, it is also possible to output industry-based protocols with detailed information for display or print.

SQL database for recurring input

An SQL database is installed on the test stand PC and can be used to store a range of parameters. The included Database Editor enables the input of temperature measurement points and definitions as constant elements, as well as input of the equipment being used, e. g. electronic ballast type, lamp labelling and nominal data, tester, customer data etc.


Any authorized person can have access to this database from any PC workstation.

Opening and converting previous measurement data

The success story of automated luminaire testing to EN 60598-1 is a long one. Lamps were being tested with Delphin systems even during the era of DOS and Windows 3.x. The latest software includes a converter that enables the opening of former data files, protocols and procedures. This avoids having to completely reconfigure upgraded systems


  • and enables reintegration of old-version protocols,
  • as well as the rerunning or upgrading of old-version measurement procedures.

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