Automated test runs

The simple to operate software for the luminaire testing device, functions on any standard PC running under Windows XP or higher, and enables the input of all relevant test parameters. The test runis broken down into test phases and runs automatically following system start.


It is possible at any time to interrupt a test phase and then to re-start. At the end of a test run the test protocols can be output either for industry or test agency requirements in German, English or French.

Recording all relevant data

Electrical values (voltage, current, power), both primary and secondary, are measured as well as temperatures during the test run. For electronic ballast lamps and LED lamps, the additional power measuring unit enables electrical data recording per lamp circuit.


Lamps with high-frequency supply, e. g. LEDs, can also be precisely measured with the additional power measuring unit.


A resistance-measurement module has been specifically developed for measuring winding resistance. R-cold and R-warm and winding temperatures can be determined.

Testing according to EN 60598-1

  • Cold measurement of winding resistance for inductive ballasts
  • Warm-up phase, electrical measurements post warm-up
  • Tests at normal operating conditions as well as at factors of 0.9, 1.0, 1.06 and 1.1 times nominal voltage
  • Testing abnormal operation at 1.1 times nominal voltage
  • F-test
  • TS-test (thermal cut-out) and half-wave operation

Test samples

  • LED luminaires and operating units
  • Luminaires with ballasts (inductive, capacitive)
  • Luminaires with electronic ballasts
  • Low-voltage transformer luminaires
  • Electronic low-voltage transformer luminaires
  • Luminaires with energy saving transformers (US-luminaires)
  • Luminaires with high intensity discharge lamps (HQL, NAV)
  • Incandescent luminaires

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