Luminaire testing device

EN 60598-1 standard for CE marking

To obtain a CE marking, detailed information is required on the thermal, electrical, IP protection class and mechanical properties according to lighting standards (EN 60598-1) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations. To obtain the European safety mark, every test must be submitted to official approval departments.


The tests for electrical and thermal functioning according to EN 60598-1 are performed fully automatically by Delphin's luminaire testing device.

Fully automated thermal and electrical testing

The testing device is made up of a wall mounting housing / instrument cabinet (optional slave system) (500 x 500 x 300 cm) which comprises all the required measurement technology such as the Message hardware.


Each luminaire testing device is equipped with 16 thermocouple connectors and a power switch for feeding test voltages at factors of 0.9, 1.0, 1.06 and 1.1 of nominal voltage. The 16 thermocouple connectors are assigned to 2 measurement circuits or 4 when using a slave unit. If more then 16 thermocouples are required, the units can be supplied with up to 64 thermocouple connectors.


The measurement circuits provide connections for test samples such as electronic ballast lamps, ballast lamps, transformer lamps, incandescent lamps as well as for the latest LED lamps.


Operation takes place via an interface to a standard PC that is equipped with networking capabilities. Included in delivery is user friendly windows-functioning software, which can be installed on multiple PCs, for configuration, data archiving and report generation. Any number of master / slave units can then be operated from a single PC with thermal testing being performed in accordance to EN 60598-1.


We also offer on-site DAkks calibration of your equipment (DAkks is the national accreditation body of Germany).

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