Measurement systems according to your needs

The 64KTM system is delivered as a 19" system and is suitable for applications requiring high-precision temperature measurement using thermocouples.


Universal thermocouple connectors in a (Cu/Cu) material combination enable users to connect any type of thermocouple via miniature thermocouple connectors with flat pins. This system benefits from the thermocouples being quick and easy to reconnect following each experiment run.


If the measurement task requires more than 64 channels, the system can be extended via a CAN bus. The 64-KTM is designed as a 19-inch unit.


The housing is aluminium and is suitable for instrument cabinet installation or as a table-top device. The 64-KTM is powered via an IEC connector with 230V AC.


A LAN interface with an RJ45 port is available for connecting the 64-KTM to company networks.

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