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The powerful ProfiSignal software is available for data evaluation and system configuration. Extensive analysis functions within ProfiSignal enable the very easy evaluation of measurement data using different y(t), x(y) and logic diagrams. Data export as .csv files is also possible. Trend diagrams enable the user to smoothly switch, without interruption, between current online data and archived measurement data.


The ProfiSignal software enables any measurement channel to be quickly and simply set to the required thermocouple type and sampling rate. ProfiSignal's integrated DataService Configurator delivers a high degree of data security through online archiving and a user management/password system. Many customers value the 64-KTM's channels for threshold value calculation and event processing. These channels enable the computation of characteristic values during measurement runs. When required, any 64-KTM channels can be assigned an alarm function. The DataService Configurator can be used for setting threshold value monitoring conditions and event control. The ProfiSignal software also supports drivers such as LabVIEW™, OCX API and OPC-Server.

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