High precision

The 64-KTM achieves a high precision of 0.2 K through specially developed thermal blocks with integrated cold junction compensation. The special connectors with integrated cold junction compensation suppress fluctuations in ambient temperature and guarantees long-term measurement stability.


The 64-KTM has 4 thermal blocks each with 16 universal and galvanically isolated inputs for temperature measurement. The following thermocouple types are supported: B, C, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U.


Each thermal block has an integrated 4-wire RTD (class A) sensor for measuring comparable temperatures. The special mechanical construction, calibration and cold junction compensation delivers precision of 0.2 K.


The measured thermoelectric voltage at the connectors is converted and saved directly into degrees Celsius using temperature curves within the device. Measurement transducers are therefore unnecessary. The internal data memory has a capacity up to 14 GB, which equates to around a 70-day recording period.

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