Highly accurate and optimal

Delphin's 64-KTM (64-channel thermocouple measurement device) is a high-precision measuring instrument for temperature measurement using thermocouples.


The system was specially developed for multi-channel applications for R&D, laboratory and test stand measurement requirements.


The system is being used for measurement tasks in the development of gas turbines, boilers, ovens and furnaces. The 64-KTM achieves precision of up to 0.2 K absolute. This level of accuracy distinguishes the 64-KTM from many competitor products.


Configuring the 64-KTM takes place via a LAN interface using the ProfiSignal software and DataService Configurator. The required thermocouple types are assigned to channels using a straight forward configuration template. Users can then commence measurement within a matter of minutes.


Redundant data storage and archiving guarantees the complete system fulfils the highest security requirements. Password protection and user management can also be activated when necessary.

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