Measuring systems according to your requirements

Delphin offers customized systems as both 19“-systems and instrument cabinets. Any requirement can be met from compact systems through to multiple linked cabinet installations.

19“-rack systems

Different products are used for 19“-rack systems. 19“-rack systems are generally delivered as 3 HE, 4 HE, or 6 HE, depending on the required connection capacity. Delphin deliver customized 19"-rack systems also to customers with special equipment or software requirements.


Delphin can deliver cabinets as small compact systems, as wall-mounted installations, and as multiple linked systems on bases at heights of 2000 or 2200 mm. Depending on user requirements, the signals and input / outputs can be wired as series terminals or as plug-in / integrated connectors, e. g. to a front panel.

Connector panel

Connector panels mounted directly at the test sample site have a proven record within test engineering and test stand systems. Because Expert or Message devices are usually directly installed at the connector panel, the panels represent a fast path from sensor to data acquisition and control systems. Communication to a PC or centralized test stand cabinet can then take place via network systems. Cabling is minimized and users get a better overview of the test stand.

Connector technology

Connector technology is central for both cabinets and 19“-rack systems. Delphin can provide systems for any clamp, plug or integrated connector required. The connector technology used depends on user requirements, e. g. fixed or detachable wiring.

Sensor and actuator connectors can be

  • Series terminals/screw terminals
  • Double terminals
  • Spring terminals
  • Plug-in screw and spring terminals
  • Feed-through screw terminals
  • 4mm laboratory connectors, also as safety lab plugs
  • Lemo connectors (extensively used in the chemical sectors)
  • Thermominiature connectors irrespective of thermocouple type
  • BNC connectors
  • Multi-pole circular connector
  • Other connector technology

When required, Delphin can also integrate additional components such as an ICP-supply and power adapters. The connector technology is mounted to an engraved front panel. Connector identification is then still possible even after years of usage.

Function testing and safety

Each 19" rack or cabinet system of course complies to all relevant safety standards. A full earthing system is also present.


Terminal layouts and connector and circuit diagrams are included with any new cabinet wiring installation. The required documentation is developed with the system and is included in delivery.

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