Special applications

Delphin's Message and Expert hardware form the basis for the 19“-rack and cabinet systems. These are equipped with the analog and digital input / outputs required by the user. All Message and Expert device functions are also available for 19" rack and cabinet systems.

Analog inputs

The universal inputs on Message and Expert devices are wired as plug-in connectors or connector sockets. Signals can be measured directly and without the need for measurement transducers:

  • Voltage signals
  • Current signals 0/4 .. 20 mA
  • Thermocouple type (K, E, N, L, J, S, U, R, T, B, C)
  • Resistance thermometer (Pt100/Pt1000)

Delphin can integrate additional components, such as an ICP-supply and power adapters, into housings or cabinet systems when required.

Digital outputs/switch outputs  

Digital outputs / switch outputs are directly wired as clamps or plugs. The standard set up for switch outputs is as passive DC contacts with currents of up to 50 VDC and a permitted continuous current of 2.5 A. When required by users, relays and contactors may also be installed that can be directly controlled by the switch outputs.

Analog outputs

Each analog output is assigned 2 clamps or plugs. Each channel can be used as a 0/4 ... 20 mA signal. Additional components installed within the cabinets, e. g. variable transformers or frequency converters, can be directly operated

Digital inputs/status inputs/frequency inputs

Each digital input can be assigned 2 clamps or plugs. The standard digital input set up is passive with a high-level of between 3.5 V .. 90 VDC. Digital inputs can also be directly set up as 24 VDC contact inputs with a wired auxiliary supply of 24 V. This enables, for example, the acquisition of auxiliary contacts on relays.

Resistance measurement

Resistance measurement of up to 10 kOhm is possible as standard. Connection at the universal inputs using 4-wire technology. There is also an option for a resistance measurement set up for measuring currents with an ampere. This enables high-precision measurement of the smallest resistances, e. g. contact resistances.

Alongside the Delphin measurement and control units in the cabinets, there are often also third-party and external equipment integrated into the system. This is especially the case for test stands.

Additional components may include

  • Contactors and relays
  • Voltage regulation
  • Variable transformers
  • DC power units
  • Power measuring units
  • Resistance measurement units
  • Frequency converters 

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