19"-racks/instrument cabinets

Individual customized solutions

Testing, measurement and automation tasks usually require specific, custom-made hardware solutions.


Delphin's many years of experience in developing custom systems for specific sectors or applications enables them to offer users customized systems in 19“-racks and/or instrument cabinets. This means each 19“-system and instrument cabinet is designed according to customer needs and technical requirements.


Alongside the Delphin components intended as measurement and control units for cabinets, third-party and external equipment may also be integrated into the system.

Benefits with Delphin products

  • Single-sourced customized systems including hardware design
  • Professional layout from mounting through to front panels
  • Customized connection technology
  • Choice of plug or clamp technology for sensor and actuator connection
  • Expert engineering services for production of customized system
  • Customer approval of design and plans prior to system delivery
  • Compliance to all safety standards, e. g. DIN VDE 0100, 0701, 0702,
  • Full function testing

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