Monitoring in industrial environments

Digitalisation in industry is based on the acquisition and analysis of a wide range of measurement data and operating parameters. State-of-the-art systems for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance systems can be installed and used meaningfully only when an extensive pool of data is available. A data pool is also often needed to stay competitive when other companies are already using such systems. Data needs to be acquired decentrally, collected and analysed centrally and made accessible to any location. Delphin provides a complete package from a single source.

Application features

  • Everything from a single source: from acquisition hardware and centralised management of measurement data through to complete software for visualising and analysing measurement data
  • Universal and source-independent data acquisition
  • Intelligent processing of up to 10 million data records per second
  • No-loss data compression and secure central archiving
  • Cross-system user management
  • Centralised alarm management with multiple messaging options
  • Location-independent process visualisation and control

Practical example

A worldwide operating manufacturer of hydropower plants uses the Expert Vibro vibration measuring device to monitor its turbines and generators. A hydropower plant typically consists of several units, each comprising five turbines. For fault analysis, a local measurement computer is available on site for each unit, allowing direct service access. The entire hydropower plant is monitored from a central control center, where the measurement data from all units converge. The manufacturer uses the Delphin Data Center in combination with the measurement software ProfiSignal to merge, synchronise and evaluate all measurement data in the control center. A VPN router also provides worldwide access for all authorised personnel. Centralised alarm management in the Delphin Data Center ensures that pending alarms are immediately reported to the control center and forwarded by email or text message as required. The Delphin Data Center also uses a central NAS drive for long-term storage of the relevant measurement data and computed characteristic values.

Typical applications

  • "Industry 4.0 retrofit". Connecting heterogeneous machine systems with measurement technology
  • Condition monitoring of complex machines and systems
  • Test stand automation and monitoring
  • Service life testing and long-term archiving
  • Equipping field test facilities with measurement technology
  • Road tests

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