Monitoring turbines and generators

Monitoring and signal evaluation

Vibrations on turbines and generators can be monitored for improper vibration values irrespective of power class and bearing type. The vibration velocity is typically monitored. By using Expert Vibro devices, vibration velocity sensors can be used. The vibration velocity from the sensor signal is measured proportionally and converted into an effective value. If vibration acceleration sensors are used, the signal is integrated online and transferred into vibration velocity. The TRMS and peak to peak es are then created and continuously monitored by threshold channels. If a threshold is exceeded, digital outputs are switched or messages sent to controllers via a fieldbus.

Application features

  • Monitoring of vibrations on hydroelectric turbines and air gaps
  • Diagnosing damage in ship drives, bearings and shafts
  • Acquisition and monitoring of combustion chamber vibrations in gas turbines
  • Monitoring and signal evaluation in test stands
  • Mobile system (measurement case) for vibration measurement technology on the go

Practical example

When smaller or medium-sized gas turbines undergo retrofitting or modernisation, they often receive a new system of vibration monitoring. For applications beyond API670 requirements, Delphin provides flexible monitoring systems. Delphin systems are popular because they cost far less than larger systems. In addition to the measurement of vibration velocities, temperatures are also acquired and monitored in relationship to the vibrations. In actual applications, smaller and medium-sized gas turbines are being monitored. Connection to a centralised control system is established using ModBus TCP. Establishing thresholds is highly flexible and individual alarms can be recorded together in batches.

Typical areas of application

  • Small industrial gas turbine monitoring
  • Gas engine monitoring
  • Compressor and supercharger monitoring
  • Engine and drives monitoring
  • Electric motor monitoring

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