Mobile data acquisition

Machine and plant operation is becoming increasingly complex. While commissioning and servicing may be required around the world, measurement signals from sensors and actuators need to be acquired and analysed in parallel to existing systems of process and control. Measurement systems need to be mobile, flexible and simple to operate. Delphin provides mobile stand alone devices and mobile measurement cases. The mobile measurement cases can be made to individual requirements. The independently operating mobile units are robust and built into a tough plastic case. They use either Message or Expert devices that can process all standard types of analog and digital signals. Signals are attached via plugs or terminals. Even inexperienced users are able to quickly generate meaningful diagrams using the ProfiSignal Go software.

Application features

  • Mobile and high resolution data acquisition
  • Flexibility via universal inputs and outputs
  • Independent functioning without the need for PC support
  • Highly compact design including a robust mobile measurement case version
  • Intuitive software for fast analysis

Practical example: Mobile measurement case for servicing and start-up procedures

A German manufacturer of machine tools uses a Delphin mobile case to carry out measurements at processing centres. At start-up, linear-actuator travel distances undergo on-site precision measurement and adjustment. The mobile system can be operated as a stand-alone system and records data over long periods. It has universal connections and a special port to enable direct connection to the machine's servicing interface. Evaluation of the measurement data takes place using the ProfiSignal software.

Typical areas of application

  • Mobile measurements on plant and machinery
  • Fault analysis on tool machines
  • Data recording for acceptance protocols
  • Measurements to determine the efficiency of turbines and generators
  • Measurements for the acceptance of plant and machinery
  • Fault diagnosis of controllers
  • Analysis of switching sequences for digital signals

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