What is galvanic isolation?

Product testing of electrical equipment requires thermal measurements on electrically live components. Thermocouples or Pt100 sensors may come into contact with mains supply. For this application, it is essential that the measurement device's inputs are galvanically isolated from each other as well as from the mains power supply. Delphin devices for this specific application guarantee isolation of up to 650 VAC between the separate channels, and 1000V AC to the mains power supply. The inputs are suitable to measure thermocouple or Pt100(0) sensors and current and voltage signals.

Application features

  • Galvanic isolation between analog inputs of up to 650 VAC
  • Galvanic isolation to mains supply of up to 1000 VAC
  • High-precision measurement with 24 bit A/D converter
  • Non-wearable technology – guaranteed noise-free, relay-free
  • Universal sensor connections

Practical example: Galvanically isolated temperature measurement on household appliances

A German manufacturer of household appliances has equipped its development laboratory with Message devices. The measurement system has over 160 measurement channels dispersed over 10 test stations. Each station tests appliances from coffee makers through to bread-making machines. Temperatures are mainly monitored but also pressures, flows and rotations. The Message devices are connected to workstations via a LAN network. Online and offline evaluation of measurement data is performed on PCs using the ProfiSignal software. The internal storage capabilities of the Message devices are used for long-term recording to guarantee uninterrupted data recording without the need for PC support.

Typical areas of application

  • Thermal testing in household appliances
  • Type testing and measurements for quality assurance
  • Winding temperature measurement in electrical motors
  • Temperature measurement in electronic switches
  • Long-term testing of electrical storage heaters
  • Measurements to acquire test certificates
  • Measurements on lamps and lamp components

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