September 2015

Energy management systems using ProfiSignal - now ISO 50001 compliant

Requirements from DIN EN ISO 50001 and obligations for energy audits are forcing many companies into hasty action. Energy consumption in the different areas needs to be acquired, analysed, optimised and then continuously monitored. Delphin's ProfiSignal software is particularly suited to such tasks. ProfiSignal is compatible with Delphin measurement devices but also with many other power-measurement and metering systems available on the market.  


The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) recently confirmed that ProfiSignal is ISO 50001 compliant. For our customers, this means that the cost of the software, as part of an energy management system, is eligible to grants so that reimbursements can be applied for.  


We wish to bring to your attention that our software as well as our hardware are ideal for operational energy-efficiency measurement and analysis. For many years we have been providing systems to record and monitor energy consumption data as well as process measurement data. Delphin systems are especially strong in this area. They are able to simultaneously record energy consumption, flow rates and production measurement data such as air pressure, temperatures etc. For example, Delphin systems are monitoring more than 1000 measurement and energy meters in a major German printers, as well as the entire energy consumption in a titanium production facility, and energy data for all cost centres in a large electronics company.


Our mobile energy measurement case systems and stationary switch cabinet systems – both using Delphin hardware and software – identify and analyse potential energy savings and immediately provide users with practical information. ProfiSignal software can be used to generate clear visualisation functions which enable both easy operation and system auditing.  


We provide you with advice and support, based on our many years of experience, to develop an energy management system tailored to your requirements. Our support extends from project planning through to system installation and training. Delphin provides you with all the services you require from a single source.



May 2015

Expert Logger the latest generation of stand alone data loggers

With its Expert Logger, Delphin Technology AG introduces a new generation of data loggers thatcombine the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology. The deviceis being launched in three versions, capable of processing 16, 32 or 46 analog input channels. Upto 8 digital inputs/outputs and one SDI12 interface are also available depending on the version.


The main areas of application include product testing, environmental measurement technology,laboratory data acquisition, research and development, and trials and testing.All analog inputs are galvanically isolated from each other. A 24-bit A/D converter ensures fast,precision sampling rates of up to 50 measurements per second per channel. The devices aremaintenance and noise free due to the absence of electromechanical components (such as relays) that are prone to wear and tear.


All Expert Loggers are equipped with internal 4 GB memories that can independently store up to100 million measurement values with date and time stamps. Storage capacity can be extended asrequired via external USB or LAN storage (NAS). Online measurement data or the contents of thedata memory can be transmitted to the internet via an integrated WLAN or UMTS module.


The Expert Logger is also equipped with an energy-saving “sleep function“ for automated switchingoff during breaks in measuring. Independent operation is possible using batteries, rechargeables or solar panels. The Expert Logger can communicate as standard via CanBus, ModBus and ProfiBus. Internal software channels such as calculation channels, limit values and integrators enable online evaluation of measurements and the logging of meaningful data.


Users can quickly and effectively operate the Expert Logger using the powerful ProfiSignal Go software that is included free in delivery. ProfiSignal Go can be used to portray measurement data in trends and to carry out detailed analyses. The software also enables fast ASCII exporting of measurement data for MS Excel™ or for conversion into TDM format.


March 2015

35 years of measurement technology from Delphin Technology 

This year, Delphin Technology AG is celebrating its 35th anniversary. The company, founded in 1980 by the engineer Peter Renner, specialises in high-quality, innovative data acquisition hardware and software for the measurement and test engineering sector while also providing complete systems customized to specific customer needs.


Delphin continues to bring pioneering products to the market through its innovative creativity and practical solutions. In 1999, Delphin was one of the first to supply data loggers with Ethernet interfaces. Last year, it launched the Expert Vibro, a state-of-the-art, ultra-compact device for vibration measurement. Meanwhile, hundreds of test stand systems have been created using the Klicks programming language developed by Delphin.


Delphin's current product range offers solutions for data acquisition, testing, automation, vibration measurement technology and process monitoring. Development work is ongoing on a new data logger generation and interesting products for launch this year.


Major factors contributing to Delphin's success include the continuous development of devices and software for universal measurement data acquisition as well as the long-term collaboration with customers. From its base in Bergisch Gladbach, Delphin cooperates with more than 20 distribution partners worldwide who market its products. The company is headed by the management board of Claudia Göbel (Chair) and Frank Ringsdorf (Technical Director).