October 2014

New measurement system for mobile measurement requirements

The Expert Key 100 M is the new mobile and compact measuring and monitoring system from Delphin Technology. The system is equipped with 14 universal analog and 8 digital inputs in a robust measurement case. Detachable screw terminals and 4mm laboratory connectors enable the direct connection of sensors and actuators as well as thermocouples and RTDs sensors.


Delivery of the Expert Key 100 M includes the ProfiSignal software package and a Windows 8.1 tablet PC. The case is equipped with a WLAN Accesspoint to enable data exchange betweenthe case and tablet PC. An interface is also available to attach an external antenna to enable wireless data transfer even in harsh industrial environments. Transfer via cable is also possible via USB and Ethernet ports.


The new Expert Key 100 M is especially suited for system servicing, maintenance and commissioning requirements. Applications include fault diagnostics and the calibration of plant, machinery and components as well as crane monitoring and the mobile acquisition of process and energy data.


In addition to data acquisition tasks, the Expert Key is 100 M is also suitable for control and monitoring tasks. 2 analog and 8 digital outputs enable control procedures to be triggered and alarms performed for limit violations.


March 2014

Expert Transient – New data recorder for fault diagnostics

Expert Transient is the new data recorder from Delphin Technology AG. The device is capable of synchronously acquiring and independently saving analog measurement data up to a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel in combination with digital signals. Data storage is highly secure due to an option for parallel recording to internal and external storage media.


The device is suitable for fault diagnostics in machinery and plants. Typical applications include the evaluation of pressure pulses, fast process monitoring and controller optimisation. Expert Transient can also be supplied in a robust mobile measurement case for field deployments in harsh environments. The standard device, equipped with plug-in terminals, is ideal for use with test stands or in laboratories.


Sampling of analog and digital measurement data is performed fully synchronously. This enables precise identification of the sequence of events in a malfunction. Measurement data can be recorded either continuously or according to triggered events. Users are able to define triggers to also record pre and post event data. Expert Transient is available in two versions with 8 or 16 analog inputs as well as 4 digital inputs. The device can be extended by up to 100 analog or digital inputs.


Applications without PC support can store up to 16 GB data in the device's internal storage. Parallel recording to a high-capacity external NAS device is also possible. Expert Transient has an optional Wi-Fi interface.


The device is supplied with the ProfiSignal Go software. ProfiSignal Go has been upgraded to enable large data volumes to be processed online. Expert Transient is able to transmit data to a PC via an Ethernet interface where it can be saved and observed online. The device's internal storage can be accessed using ProfiSignal Go and the data analysed offline. A signal sequence diagram is especially useful in providing an overview of the chronology of a malfunction event.



Februrary 2014

ProfiSignal 4.0 with new functions

With Release 4.0 of ProfiSignal, Delphin Technology AG launches a new version of its popular measurement and automation software.


Along with many other practical new features, the main innovation in Release 4.0 is a powerful webserver integrated into ProfiSignal's DataService.


The webserver gives users worldwide access to measurement data via a Trend-App or web application. Access is especially fast, even to data spanning long time ranges. An API and fully documented XML interface are available to enable users to incorporate measurement data into their own websites and applications.


A Trend-App is included in ProfiSignal 4.0 so that the webserver can be used immediately. The Trend-App enables users to monitor measurement data live on their mobile devices as well as to access historical data. Measurement data is portrayed in a y(t) diagram. The user can zoom in and out of historical data by pinching and stretching movements on the mobile device's screen and thereby display any time period required.


An integrated Diadem driver allows the export of measurement data into that well-known software tool for mathematical analysis. Measurement data can be exported in ASCII or binary format at just a few mouse clicks.


ProfiSignal now fully complies with FDA 21CFR Part11 requirements on making measurement data especially secure, traceable and manipulation safe. This includes application versioning during the development phase.


A further tool also now available in ProfiSignal 4.0 is a spectrogram function which is especially useful for vibration analysis.

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