September 2012

Analyzing faults with ProfiMessage

The degree of automation in modern systems, machines and devices is increasing constantly. A detailed fault analysis is required in the event of a sporadically recurring fault to unambiguously localize and rectify the cause.


Delphin Technology AG is proud to present a new and universal, combined hard and software system with which it is possible to carry out just such a precise and comprehensive fault analysis.


The basic model of the ProfiMessage device is already equipped with 24 digital inputs to acquire switching and status information as well as 15 analogue inputs to receive mA, mV and thermocouple signals. It is possible to extend the number of channels to suit requirements. The integrated PROFIBUS DP interfaces as well as Modbus TCP and RTU protocols facilitate data exchange with PLC control systems.


The internal data memory is designed to store up to a billion measurement and status values. Event triggers ensure it is possible to store a large number of fault events together with a configurable level of post and preceding data. Data can be read out across a local network or via a UMTS router for transmission worldwide or copied to a USB stick.


Software channels such as calculation, threshold value and logic channels make it possible to process measurement data online as well as implement desired functional enhancements. Faults and alarms can be signalled via a switching output and/or over the Internet.


Designed for cabinet installation, this compact device requires just 200 mm space on a top-hat mounting rail. Measurement cases equipped with individually customized connection technology are available to fulfil mobile service requirements.


Analyses are performed utilizing Delphin's ProfiSignal software. Each fault is entered in an alarm list and can be viewed at the click of a mouse in a trend graph that also displays associated fault data together with the relevant signals for evaluation.


June 2012

LogMessage 5000 – Data logger with galvanic isolation

The new LogMessage 5000 data logger from Delphin Technology AG enables data acquisition from 16 differential analog inputs with galvanic isolation of up to 650 VDC. High-level isolation is particularly important when acquiring measurements from voltage-carrying components, such as in the product testing of household appliances or electric motors.


Each of the LogMessage 5000's analog inputs can be separately configured. For temperature measurement, any type of thermocouple can be used. The LogMessage 5000 is equipped with linearisation curves for all thermocouple types and has pre-installed reference points. Any thermocouple can then be connected and used immediately.


Pt100 and Pt1000 sensors can be fed directly from the LogMessage device via a 4-wire connection. Analog inputs can be used to also measure mA or mV signals. Scaling is performed immediately according to the required measurement unit.


Data can be transferred online to a PC via the LogMessage 5000 LAN interface. The LAN interface is also galvanically isolated as are the power supply and all other interfaces - by up to 1000 VDC. 


The LogMessage 5000 is equipped with an independent data storage capacity of up to 250 million measurement records. This gives improved data security and reliability over PC-based systems.


Each measurement record is recorded with a time and date stamp. Up to 10 measurements per second per channel can be recorded. The data is then evaluated using the ProfiSignal Go software included with the LogMessage 5000.



May 2012

ProfiSignal Terminal Server

ProfiSignal is Delphin Technology's well-known software for measurement and automation systems. It is now available to run on Microsoft Terminal Servers.


The terminal server version is available for all ProfiSignal products and is especially useful for ProfiSignal Viewer, the universal offline analysis program.


The terminal server version for ProfiSignal is installed centrally and saves significantly on software maintenance costs. The terminal server version then functions as normal for ProfiSignal users connected as clients to the server via LAN or the internet.


Users make their own personal ProfiSignal settings which are then accessible from any client device logged on to the server. This means ProfiSignal users are not required to always work from the same workstation.


Terminal server versions for ProfiSignal are licensed according to the number of clients that can simultaneously access the ProfiSignal software — and not according to the number of workstations using ProfiSignal. This makes ProfiSignal terminal server especially attractive to industry, R&D, inspection agencies, and universities with multiple users who can access ProfiSignal from many different workstations. ProfiSignal terminal server is also practical for those just wishing to reduce their software maintenance costs.


March 2012

New versions for the Expert Key series

Delphin Technology AG presents the new Expert Key 100T and 200T, designed for multi-channel temperature measurement but also suited to temperature measurement and combined high-speed signal acquisition.


The compact Expert Key T devices have console-type housings. They are intended for use in laboratories and test stands as tabletop or wall-mounted devices. The analog and digital inputs and outputs are easy to access and signals and actuators are quick to connect requiring no tools.


Universal analog inputs permit the direct connection of RTDs, thermocouples and mVolt/mA signals. Each analog input is equipped with BNC and thermo mini connectors to connect any type of thermocouple.


Channels can be assigned individual sampling rates to enable simultaneous processing of temperature channels and high-speed inputs, e.g. to detect pressure peaks. A sampling rate of up to 100 kHz is available. All inputs have galvanic isolation and are therefore protected against earth loops influents.


Expert Key T devices are ideal for users in industry, R&D, testing and inspection agencies, and universities and can be deployed to automate testing and experimental procedures, document product quality, and acquire, monitor and analyze measurement data.


The devices are supplied with the powerful ProfiSignal Go software and a complete range of drivers for third-party measurement software.


January 2012

New features in the ProfiSignal software

ProfiSignal 3.1 has been available from Delphin Technology AG since October 2011. The new version gives users many new functions combined with upgraded usability. This further improves ProfiSignal as software for universal measurement and automation requirements. Continuous monitoring systems, for example, need high levels of data security and availability and will benefit from the new functions in version 3.1. 


The ProfiSignal DataService is a centralized database, suitable for transient and slow measurement data, and enables online computations and statistical functions to be directly performed at a server level. Averaging and edge counting run as fully automated and reliable background services. The DataService can now function as server to enable remote data transfer via UMTS technology. A ModBus TCP interface has been implemented for recording from sensors or actuators via a LAN connection.


The ProfiSignal Klicks programming language has been upgraded with a data flow command that further simplifies applications development. For the processing of high speed signals, version 3.1 is equipped with an oscilloscope diagram that can be tailored to the needs of any application. The new file factory is used to combine measurement data files so that analysis can be performed within a single system.


ProfiSignal now enables the internal data memories from Message devices to be automatically synchronized to PC recording thereby significantly enhancing data security.

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