Household appliance test stands

Easy integration

The main factors household appliance testing include operator safety, energy efficiency, quality and reliability. Standards and test regulations form the basis for many of the tasks involved in testing. Testing for conformity to standards has a high potential for automation. ProfiSignal Klicks in combination with the Message and Expert Key devices are ideal for testing household appliances. Full galvanic isolation, flexible inputs and the easy to generate test procedures and sequences are the main factors that enable users to easily incorporate testing requirements for different household appliances.

    Application features

    • Universal inputs suitable for all standard sensor types (RTD, thermocouples, mA, mV)
    • Full galvanic isolation of all inputs
    • Complete systems including hardware and user friendly software
    • Easy to adapt to testing requirements and extendible at any time
    • Smooth integration of high-precision power measuring units

    Practical example

    A manufacturer of high-quality household appliances operates a range of developmental laboratories and a testing laboratory for the testing the reliability of cookers, extraction hoods and ovens. New test and automation tasks are frequently required which need to be implemented by laboratory personnel. The independently operating Message devices form the hardware basis for testing reliability over the long term. Control requirements are performed within the Message devices using integrated software channels. ProfiSignal is used to clearly portray the different testing procedures, to display results and status information, as well as to archive data.

    Typical areas of application

    • Energy-label measurement for ovens and cookers
    • Heat testing of extraction hoods
    • Applications-lab for refrigerators and deep freezers
    • Reliability testing of oven doors
    • Operator simulation for household appliances
    • Service-life testing of hobs and hotplates
    • Development and verification of cooking and baking programmes
    • Production audits on cookers and hobs

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