Environmental simulation with climate chambers

Data security and online analysis

Climate chambers are the basis for long-term product testing that simulate actual operational conditions and the specific requirements of the application. Depending on the application, factors are combined such as temperature and humidity profiles, UV radiation and vibrations. The Delphin products continuously monitor and record test sample and climate data. An integrated data memory ensures the measurement data undergoes secure and continuous archiving. Faults and limit value violations can be reported via switch outputs, text messaging, fax or email. The ProfiSignal software portrays all the information in clear visualisations and diagrams and enables users to quickly access current and historical data.


    Application features

    • Combined measurement, automation and monitoring functions within a single system
    • Data security through PC-independent data storage within the device
    • Test sample monitoring with email, fax and text messaging in the event of errors or failures
    • Software channels within the device enable functions to be extended
    • Online analysis and historical data within a single diagram

    Practical example

    A manufacturer in the automotive sector of hose clips, metal pipe connectors and plastic pipes for air, cooling-fluid and fuel pipelines subjects its products to a range of environmental and endurance tests in a range of climate chambers. For example, at a test stand for intercoolers, a climate chamber simulates the conditions in a truck's engine compartment using temperatures, movement and pressures. Important here is the continuous recording and monitoring of all climate profiles, test parameters and measurement values. Tests can take, depending on the requirements, up to 2000 hours and are performed around the clock. This is why Message devices are being used for these tasks. ProfiSignal Klicks also enables the monitoring from a workstation of all climate chambers and test samples.

    Typical areas of application

    • Measurement of fuel evaporation in SHED chambers
    • Corrosion trials on vehicle components
    • Service life testing of fan motors
    • Stability testing of pharmaceutical products
    • Aging trials on photovoltaic systems and components
    • Temperature-change experiments on car-entertainment components
    • Simulation of indoor and outdoor conditions for heating systems
    • Measurements on refrigerators during developmental stages

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