Decentralised data acquisition

In order to keep an eye on the condition of plants and machines even over long distances, systems for decentralised data acquisition and autonomous monitoring of distributed measuring points are used. Our measurement data acquisition concept consisting of intelligent acquisition devices and suitable software for all end devices makes you fit for the future. The measurement technology can be configured decentrally and measurement data can be collected, stored and analysed.

Decentralised measurement systems from Delphin

Many applications require spatially distributed measuring points where typically only a few channels need to be measured at a time. This requires decentralised measurement technology that can be precisely adapted to the measurement task and I/O requirements. The acquired data must then be merged, stored and analysed together and made available for location-independent access.

Delphin's measurement solutions enable you to implement these individual requirements flexibly: Mobile data acquisition devices are placed decentrally at your plant with the appropriate sensor technology and networked with each other. Via a secure VPN, you always have up-to-date data from your systems, which is stored, monitored and analysed centrally. The Delphin measurement technology software can also be called up on site via smartphone or tablet as clear dashboards and machine data can be retrieved.

We will also find a suitable solution for your measurement task. See for yourself the projects we have already implemented.

Remote Monitoring WWAN

Central analysis and monitoring of decentrally collected measurement data
Remote Monitoring

WLAN data acquisition

Wireless data transmission for measuring locations without network connection
WLAN data acquisition

Mobile data acquisition

Robust measuring cases with precision measuring technology for mobile measuring tasks
Mobile data acquisition

Remote monitoring via LTE

Measurement data acquisition on moving or remote objects
Fernüberwachung von Anlagen und Maschinen

GPS data recording

Time-synchronous acquisition of measurement data and GPS position data
GPS data recording

Solutions for decentralised data acquisition

Decentralised applications typically consist of three different building blocks:


  1.  Distributed, low-channel data acquisition
  2.  Central measurement data management
  3.  Location-independent measurement data visualisation and analysis

Examples from these areas are bridge, tunnel or building monitoring or the condition monitoring of remote machines or plants. Field test facilities or road tests also fall into this area.

Decentralised data acquisition and analysis is one of our core competencies.


  • The devices of the Loggito series are often used for distributed measuring tasks because they are particularly compact and, with their four or eight measuring channels, fit well into low-channel applications. Channel overhead and unnecessary costs are thus avoided. The Loggito units offer universally configurable galvanically isolated analogue inputs and thus guarantee error-free and highly precise measurement results. The fail-safe internal data memory ensures that your measurement data is not lost even if there is no connection to the server.
  • To ensure that the decentrally recorded measurement data do not lead an insular existence, they must be networked. The easiest way to do this is with the Delphin Data Center. This software package for central measurement data management collects measurement data from any distributed source, synchronises and homogenises it and makes it available for joint visualisation and analysis. For the Delphin Data Center, it makes no difference from which measuring device the data originate or via which interface they are transmitted.
  • Especially for decentralised applications, it is important that mobile access to the measurement data is possible. This is where ProfiSignal 20 comes in. With the ProfiSignal 20 Go version, you can easily access, visualise and analyse the measurement data via smartphone, tablet and PC. The extended ProfiSignal 20 Basic version additionally enables you to realise complex plant control systems and thus monitor and control your processes independently of your current location.

You can also read a report on a typical decentralised application from the field of urban drainage. Here, the monitoring of pumping stations from distributed measuring points, including the possibility of networking, was realised. This involves 18 pumping stations distributed over the entire urban area. At the respective stations, the filling levels of the pump sumps and the operating states of the pumps are monitored.

Your advantages of decentralised data acquisition with Delphin

  • Universal inputs for any voltage, current and temperature signals as well as frequencies and pulses in the measuring and test equipment
  • Highest measuring precision due to galvanic isolation between the channels, interfaces and the power supply
  • PC-independent operation and fail-safe data storage in the acquisition unit
  • Intelligent data pre-processing within the unit by means of software channels
  • Central measurement data management for synchronisation and joint analysis of all measurement data from any source
  • Password protection and individual user and access rights
  • Monitoring and alarm management including SMS and e-mail notification
  • Easy creation of visualisation diagrams using predefined objects
  • Location- and platform-independent configuration, visualisation, analysis and operation with our measurement software