Fast acquisition of velocity data

To record measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and simple to use. These features - along with with extremely high-resolution, potential isolation and reliability - are provided by Expert Key devices. All Expert Key devices are equipped with USB and LAN interfaces. Any type of sensor can be connected to the universal inputs. Measuring rates can individually be set up to a maximum of 100kHz. ProfiSignal is practical and simple to use software to portray and evaluate measurement data in online and offline trends.

Application features

  • Universal inputs suitable for any type of sensor (e.g. mA, mV, Pt100(0), thermocouples, incremental encoders, counters)
  • ProfiSignal Go analysis software and ASCII export enable fast evaluation
  • PC connection via USB, or networked via LAN
  • High-speed acquisition of up to 100 kSamples/s
  • Digital and/or PWM outputs

Practical example: Long-term testing of DC motors

Continuous monitoring using Expert Key devices in a test stand for brushless DC motors. Currents and rotations are recorded on more than 100 test samples and transmitted to a PC via a LAN. Monitoring then takes place of peak values and motor failures. All measurement data is portrayed and visualised in trends using the ProfiSignal Klicks software. Alarm lists enable easy processing of errors and failures. In this application, DC currents undergo high-speed sampling at 10kHz channel. ProfiSignal automatically computes RMS values and time-signal processes. Relatively slow measurements of rotation signals takes place simultaneously within a single system.

Typical areas of application 

  • Measurements in laboratories and at test stands
  • Mobile measurement for servicing and system start-ups
  • Temperature measurement from thermocouples and RTDs
  • Measurement of electrical units such as current and voltage
  • Current measurements