Data acquisition via WLAN

Transmission of online measurement data

Wireless transmission of measurement data via WLAN offers benefits in many applications. In addition to fixed installations, WLAN measurement data transmission is often used for mobile applications, for example data transmission from rotating machine components such as generators or propellers. The Expert Transient data recorders and Expert Vibro vibration measurement devices can be directly equipped with WLAN interfaces. Measurement data can be transmitted online via antennas attached to the devices.

Application features

  • Integrated WLAN module with antennas in Expert Vibro and Expert Transient devices
  • High-speed, wireless online transmission of measurement data
  • Data logger memory readouts via WLAN
  • Optional full system configuration via WLAN
  • Differential, galvanically isolated inputs suppress EMC interference

Practical example: Data transmission via WLAN from computed tomography

In computer tomography trials, measurement and performance data on rotating components are recorded and transmitted wirelessly to a PC. Temperatures and voltage measurements are recorded. Transmission to a PC takes place via WLAN. The transmission distance is around 5 m. The measurement environment is heavily influenced by electromagnetic rays. WLAN transmission takes place using standard components. The transmission rate is high enough to convey thousands of measurement values per second. Measurement results demonstrate that electromagnetic rays as well as antenna movement have no effect on WLAN transmission. The galvanically isolated inputs in the Delphin measurement devices ensure disruption free signal recording and A/D conversion.

Typical areas of application

  • Wireless transmission of blades on wind power facilities
  • Transmission of generator, motor and turbine data
  • Building monitoring
  • Mobile measurement case
  • Crane monitoring
  • Laboratory data acquisition

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