Compact measuring case

Many service providers have established themselves in the field of vibration measurement technology and provide support in the analysis and rectification of vibration problems. The servicing department of major operations use their own specialists to carry out vibration analysis on machinery and plant. Vibration analysis requires meaningful measurement data acquired at the plant's location. Delphin's mobile measurement case for vibration measurement can acquire the signals from a range of different vibration sensors. Options are available for virtually every available type of connector on the market. Lemosa, BNC, Tuchel and specific sensor technology are generally used.

Application features

  • Compact measurement case for use under extreme environmental conditions
  • Connection options for any type of vibration sensor
  • FFT analysis and characteristic value computations within a case for vibration measurement
  • Monitoring of vibration levels
  • Process and vibration measurement options within a single device
  • Intelligent data logging within the device

Practical example

Manufacturers of gas turbines are using multiple mobile measurement cases for fault analysis. These measure both vibration acceleration and vibrations at a plant's location. A switching system enables inputs to be switched between different types of operation. Delphin's mobile vibration measurement cases are designed for users wanting to carry out independent or PC-based vibration measurement at a plant's location. The measurement cases are designed to cope with extreme environmental conditions and frequent transportation. Their internal data memories enable measurements to be carried out independently and over the long term.

Typical areas of application

  • Mobile vibration measurements on gas, hydro and gas turbines
  • Fault and cause analysis in guarantee cases
  • Parallel acquisition of vibration signals for a control system
  • Remote data transmission and mobile vibration measurement
  • Combined acquisition of vibration and process data
  • Support for system installation
  • Robust vibration measurement system for acceptance measurements

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