Vibration measurement

Reliable vibration monitoring

Delphin‘s vibration measurement is intended for users tasked with vibration monitoring, analysis and fault diagnostics. The technology provides many benefits from its simple usability, return on investment and options to integrate vibration monitoring into process monitoring systems. The major functions are performed using the Expert Vibro devices thereby avoiding the reliance on error-prone PCs and data networks.

Delphin‘s Expert Vibro combines complex functions and requirements with flexibility and user friendliness through universal vibration inputs and 24 bit high resolution and synchronous sampling rates of up to 50 kHz per channel.

ProfiSignal‘s Vibro option enables the online/offline portrayal of spectra, cascade, time-signal and orbit diagrams. Vibration signals are directly processed into meaningful characteristic values and FFTs. Alarm functions monitor characteristic values and transmit alarms when required in the event of faults.

The independent functioning of Expert Vibro devices with internal data storage ensures secure acquisition and monitoring as well as continuous data recording. The compact, industrial-grade design, with detachable clamps and rail mountings, mean Expert Vibro devices are easy to install into cabinets and housings. Vibration data is recorded and aggregated directly within the Expert Vibro devices as meaningful characteristic values and FFT data. Alarm functions monitor the characteristic values. In the event of a malfunction, text messages, faxes, and emails can be sent as well the switching of digital outputs.

Application features

  • Synchronous and parallel acquisition from up to 64 vibration signals/device
  • Simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process signals
  • Independent operation for secure vibration monitoring
  • Can be used as a subsystem of an existing central control system
  • Determination of characteristic values (peak-peak, gap), order analyses
  • Data logger memory for standalone, long-term acquisition of machine data
  • Monitoring and alarm functions (text messaging, email)
  • Link to central control systems via PROFIBUS-DP or Modbus RTU/TCP
  • Analysis of online / offline measurement data at a PC
  • Evaluation using orbit, FFT, cascade, and Y(t) diagrams
  • Calculation of envelope frequency spectrums and vibration speeds
  • High powered vibration diagnosis system with integrated data memory for standalone, long-term data recording
  • Universal connection to acceleration, speed, and distance sensors
  • Compact design and compact channel feeds enabling easy installation within cabinets

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