Programming by selection

Process control systems are used primarily in laboratories, at universities and in industrial research and development departments. Typical applications include using temperature profiles for the testing of household appliances. Laboratory users require a high level of flexibility and high-speed response times. This therefore excludes using conventional PLC systems. By using the Klicks intuitive programming language and "sequencer" module, users can create process control programs without having to learn a programming language. A laboratory engineer is then able to automate his or her own experiments. The created process program is easy to comprehend, amend and maintain. The Delphin hardware is equipped with measurement inputs as well as analog and digital outputs.

Application features

  • Intuitive creation of a process control program though "programming by selection"
  • Users can create, modify and save recipes using a sequencer
  • Predefined components for parameter input, recipe input and program procedures
  • Dynamic reports include header data, measurement data and evaluated data
  • Data export into Excel, graphics export into Word by mouse clicking

Practical example

A university involved in polymer syntheses uses Message devices and the ProfiSignal software for carrying out research. Process control is created using the Klicks software. There are six reactors as well as ancillary equipment such as dosage pumps and thermostats which are controlled using a Message system. The six systems function independently from each other. Experiments can be set up, started and analysed from a PC workstation. Software channels integrated into the Message devices function independently from PCs, monitor the entire experiment and ensure the experimental setup remains stable even in the event of a PC or connection failure.

Typical areas of application

  • Provision of setpoint profiles in climate chambers
  • Stimulation of test samples
  • Test programs for machines in laboratories
  • Automated testing on heating systems according to set standards
  • Experiments in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Quality assurance of controllers and switches in household appliances
  • Environmental and endurance testing on vehicle components

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