Test, trial, automation

High reliability

Product testing today is a major priority. During development, a product needs to be tested to ensure it meets the requirements and standards set out in the specifications. In the manufacturing phase, verifications is required at a consistent level of quality.

For such tasks, Delphin offers products and services to maximise automation and efficient testing procedures.

ProfiMessage devices are the hardware basis for test stand automation in PC-independent data acquisition, monitoring and control. ProfiMessage devices perform control and regulation tasks independently and are ideal for long-term testing and complex measurement and control requirements.

The ProfiSignal PC software is a major element in the testing process. The Basic and Klicks versions are especially suited for test applications. Testing and automation tasks are very simple to generate by configuring ready-made components. Program procedures can be created using the patented process of „Programming by selection“ to significantly reduce system maintenance.

Another benefit of the ProfiSignal software is that multiple applications can be generated and run independently of one another, e.g. five test stands using just one PC.  

ProfiSignal Klicks is equipped with a range of different interfaces. All data acquired can be easily exported into programs such as Excel, Word and Diadem. ProfiSignal and Message devices are equipped with serial, USB and LAN interfaces for easy connection to third-party equipment.  

ProfiSignal can generate reports which include measurement, header, input and evaluation data. The reports can be saved and sent as manipulation-proof PDFs.

In addition to hardware and software products, Delphin also offers complete turnkey systems with full service packages.

Application features

  • Universal and galvanically isolated inputs (mA, mV, thermocouple, RTDs, frequencies, impulse, vibrations …)
  • Data acquisition, automation and evaluation in a single system
  • Highly reliable monitoring and alarm functions (text messaging, email)
  • Configuration instead of programming, easy implementation of testing procedures
  • Extensive interfaces and drivers for connecting third-party equipment
  • Simple data exchange with Office programs such as Excel and Word
  • Multiple test stands can be set up and operated independently of each other
  • SQL and ODBC interfaces for linking into ERP and company databases
  • Inexpensive and easy maintenance and servicing of test stand applications
  • Turnkey systems from design through to training tailored to requirements

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