Time-synchronized acquisition

Process data such as pressures, temperatures and flows often require synchronous recording with electrical data such as currents, voltages and power. An example here is fault analysis and energy data measurement in plant and machinery. For such measurement tasks, Delphin offers mobile case solutions. Electrical effective values as well as signal paths for AC and DC data can undergo recording and monitoring. Precision measurement transducers integrated within the case transmit electrical data via a RS485 interface to the data memories of Message devices. Evaluation takes place using ProfiSignal Go. The data memory can be read out within just a few mouse clicks and displayed in easy to read diagrams.

Application features

  • Time synchronised recording of electrical power and process data
  • Independent data logger operation for PC-independent data acquisition and monitoring
  • Option to connect to Rogowski coils, current clamps and transformers
  • Acquisition, archiving and analysis of signal paths and effective data

Practical example

A manufacturer of industrial cleaning and surface treatment systems uses a universal Delphin measurement case to optimise exhaust treatment processes. The measurement case has an integrated 3-phased power measuring unit which enables a range of measurement tasks to be performed on the customer's systems. A special feature is the use of Rogowski sensors. These enable high-level system currents to be measured without having to disconnect the current path to enable fast adaptation of measurement procedures. All data is acquired with time synchronisation and stored to a logger. Analysis of the acquired data usually takes place after measurement with the data being read out from the device memory and evaluated using ProfiSignal.

Typical areas of application

  • Fault analysis on plant and machinery
  • Determining efficiency and optimisation
  • Process optimisation through energy efficiency
  • Field trial measurements on customer systems
  • Long-term experiments on solar modules
  • High-speed measurements on frequency converters and drives

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