Synchronized acquisition

Energy efficiency has become an important topic for industrial companies as part of Germany’s energy transition and the requirements of EN50001. Energy savings can be determined using Delphin's energy-measurement case. The case is based on Message and Expert devices which can function and record measurement data independently without the need for PC support. The devices are highly flexible and the measurement case has been designed according to customer requirements. This enables the system to be used for a range of tasks on plant, machinery and components. Analog inputs record pressures, flows, quantities; impulse inputs record energy, gas and water consumption. Electrical measurement transducers enable 4-phase power data to be acquired. For evaluation, the easy-to-use ProfiSignal software provides all the necessary tools.

Application features

  • Synchronous acquisition of electrical data, pressures, flows and quantities
  • Electrical data of up to 4-phases can be simultaneously measured at multiple points
  • Problem-free connection of measuring meters for energy, quantities, gas, water and electricity
  • Serial interfaces using ModBus RTU and ASCII protocols, as well as PROFIBUS DP
  • Optional high-speed sampling rates for fault analysis and process data acquisition

Practical example

A company develops filling systems for the beverages industry. A measurement case was required to measure electrical power data in addition to standard signals and impulses. Simultaneous and synchronised measurement was required at 10 3-phased electrical measurement points of up to 1000 A, as well as flow measurements for gas and liquids, compressed air metering and temperature measurement. In addition, the electrical measurement points were to be capable of wireless connection via special measurement transducers. AC current measurement takes place using flexible Rogowski coils which avoid the need to disconnect conductor rails. The energy measurement case is used for servicing and acceptance-control measurement. In combination with the ProfiSignal software, it provides users with a universal and flexible tool.

Typical application features

  • Energy efficiency measurement in plant and machinery
  • Acceptance-control measurement on systems
  • Retrofit measurements in plant and machinery
  • Measurement of energy consumption in companies
  • Creation of output and load profiles
  • Determining energy values and peak load detection

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