Fast and simple connection technology

The increasing rate of automation in modern plant and machinery requires high-resolution and detailed fault analysis for sporadically occurring errors. Delphin‘s mobile measurement case has proven itself in performing such tasks. By using the independently operating Expert and Message devices, no on-site PC or laptop support is required. Signals are attached through channel feeds on the case lid and connected to the analog and digital inputs using either plug-in or terminal connectors. Faults are recorded within the device to a ring memory, or as triggered data with pre and post event history. The data can then be accessed via networks, WLAN or USB and evaluated using ProfiSignal.

Application features

  • High-speed and dependable measurement technology within a robust, glass-fi bre reinforced plastic case
  • Quick and simple connectivity using detachable plug-in connectors
  • PC-independent operation via an integrated, industrial-grade data storage capability
  • Full galvanic isolation to ensure reliable and undistorted measurements
  • Flexible and universal using integrated signal conditioning and sensor feeds

Practical example

A manufacturer of stainless steel pipes is using a mobile measurement case equipped with 15 universal analog inputs and 24 digital inputs for the fault analysis of different systems. The case's robustness and dust-proof features are especially popular in challenging environments because the case can be kept closed during measuring. Integrated sensor power and an inbuilt setpoint generator to simulate sensors mean that virtually no other external equipment is required. The case's flexibility and its detachable terminal connectors significantly reduce wiring effort at the machine. This is particularly beneficial for sporadic applications such as fault analyses.

Typical areas of application

  • Measurement case for analysing faults in heating systems
  • Fault analysis in power plants
  • Fault analysis on control units in refineries
  • Analysing errors in paper-making machinery
  • Fault analysis in frequency converters and drive systems
  • Fault detection in start-up procedures
  • Synchronous, decentralised fault analysis in large-scale plant
  • Fault analysis for industrial and container cranes

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