Monitoring, environmental technology

Secure data recording in the process

Data acquired from processes provide important information about the way resources and energy is being used. It also identifies weak points and potential hazards for system failures, ensures and documents product quality, and is the basis for ongoing process and product optimisation.

Delphin has invested over 35 years of experience in process data acquisition into the development of its hardware and software products. The hardware‘s flexibility and functionality, and the software‘s intuitive and simple operation are the hallmarks of Delphin products. Customers from a diverse range of sectors have placed their trust in Delphin products.

Data acquisition is performed using Expert and Message hardware devices. The devices have a compact design and have proven themselves in industrial  environments. They can be installed directly at the plant and machinery sites. LogMessage and ProfiMessage devices can function completely independently and acquire and archive data to their internal data memories. They also monitor data and use software channels to process the data online during acquisition.

Differential inputs and galvanically isolated channels prevent earthing and ground loops. This guarantees precision and undistorted data acquisition. The flexibility of universal inputs in Delphin hardware make them popular for mobile solutions.

The ProfiSignal software is available in three different versions. ProfiSignal Go acquires, archives and analyses all measurement data. This enables comprehensive data acquisition as well as process and fault analysis. For permanent systems, users prefer ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks. These enable users to easily create detailed views, monitoring functions, alarm lists and automated reports.

A range of different interfaces are available to connect to PLC systems. Message devices support ModBus and PROFIBUS protocols via serial interfaces. ProfiSignal is equipped with ModBus/TCP, OPC server and OPC client as well as programmable interfaces.

Application features

  • Universal inputs for mA, mVolt, thermocouple and Pt100(0) signals as well as frequencies, impulses and vibrations
  • Full galvanic isolation between channels, interfaces and power supplies
  • Secure data acquisition for processes, and independent operation via an integrated data memory
  • Integrated monitoring and alarm management using text messaging, fax and email notification
  • Intuitive and tried and tested operation of ProfiSignal with a range of functions available for users
  • Fast and intuitive creation of visualisation views using predefined objects
  • Password protection and individual user and access rights ensure FDA Part11 compatibility
  • Operation is simple and intuitive but still allows complex evaluation and analysis options
  • Configuration, visualization, analysis and operation from any PC
  • Mobile applications using tailor-made, flexible solutions installed within cases
  • Data transfer via Ethernet, internet, intranet, GPRS/UMTS and USB

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