Climate testing

All the components required for intelligent climate testing

Climate testing is subject to ever tighter regulations. Detailed test profiles are determined by statutory requirements, association standards and the company's own specifications. Companies require standards-compliant and efficient testing technology with flexible testing procedures.

Climate tests using environmental simulations and service-life tests during development are intended to simulate long-term and extreme stresses on products under real conditions. For this purpose, diverse temperatures, pressures, vibrations, humidity levels, salt spray and UV profiles are applied in climate chambers. Test samples are then subjected to alternate testing, shock tests and long term stress.

Two trends reveal what is required from a test system: user-friendly test equipment; and test procedures that are easy to adapt without requiring programming expertise. Furthermore, turnkey full solutions are wanted, with a single point of contact for all system components.

High performance required in climate testing

  • Measurement data acquisition must work reliably and over extended periods of time. Testing procedures need to be monitored at all times with faults being reported. Data must be securely stored and made accessible even in the event of unplanned interruptions.
  • Measurement data needs to be recorded also without requiring a PC. Test sample stimulation requires synchronisation with multi-channel data acquisition, automated monitoring and control functions with variable climate and load profiles.
  • Online evaluation needs to take place in parallel to testing. Important criteria here are individually adaptable evaluation and visualization options with access to current and historical data.

Measurement technology and control for climatic chambers from a single source

  • Turnkey full solutions: The entire equipment for climate testing according to specific user requirements, including components from sub-suppliers, is combined into a coordinated overall solution and handed over ready for use.
  • Engineering services for complex test requirements: When specific testing needs to be integrated into procedures, or online connection to materials databases is required, or online algorithms created for specific products, Delphin's application developers are available to ensure rapid implementation.
  • Data acquisition and control are synchronized: In this way, measuring systems, test profiles for controlling climatic chambers, and all evaluation functions can be coordinated with each other.
  • Individually adaptable test procedures: In Delphin systems, processes and test procedures are not programmed using object-oriented high-level languages, but rather configured intuitively by the user, i.e. "clicked together" using graphics and function blocks.

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