Long-term acquisition

Vibrations are generally caused by faults and therefore need to be avoided. Machinery can suffer damage through vibrations with a negative influence on product quality. Vibrations can be perceived as noise, wobbling, shaking or whistling. The source of the vibrations requires identifying and rectifying. The Expert Vibro device is ideal for such tasks. Its universal inputs enable the connection of any type of sensor signal. Signal analysis takes place online using highresolution spectra or characteristic-value computations. Characteristic values possess all the relevant information about the energy content of vibrations. Whenever vibrations occur, the independently operating Expert Vibro records all relevant data.

Application features

  • Acquisition of vibrations using any type of sensor
  • Simultaneous acquisition of binary or analog process signals
  • Vibration analysis using frequency analysis
  • Calculation of characteristic values such as vibration velocity
  • Long-term data acquisition for detecting sporadic vibration events

Practical example

Vibrations were occurring in a gas turbine’s downstream waste-heat boiler creating disturbing noise for the neighbouring area around a power plant. Initially no clear cause for the vibrations could be found. Only after pressure vibration measurement was carried out could the cause of the vibrations within the boiler be identified. Following modifications to the boiler, re-measurement was performed to provide clear proof that the modifications had been effective.

Typical areas of application

  • Analysis and the identification of the cause of problematic vibrations in processes
  • Checking effectiveness of vibration-reduction measures
  • Identifying patterns in vibration problems
  • Long-term observation of vibration phenomena
  • Low-frequency vibration analysis

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