Data interfaces

The TopMessage Ethernet interface connects to a PC or to a company network. This interface also uses the Modbus TCP protocol to acquire and store data from external equipment.


Dual RS232/485 ports are also available as data interfaces. These enable connection of a (GSM) modem for sending text and messages and faxes as well as connecting scales, GPS receivers, Modbus RTU equipment and others.


The RS232-port can optionally be used as a Profibus DP Slave interface. As a PROFIBUS DP Slave interface, the device functions as a PROFIBUS DP data logger and simultaneously records process data via the I/O modules. This provides a centralized point to record data to a common database where it is then available for visualization and analysis using the ProfiSignal software. Fully automated systems, including reporting functions, can be generated using ProfiSignal Klicks.