TopMessage devices are used as decentralized units for process data acquisition, as independent units for process & control or monitoring, or for remote monitoring functions. For such applications TopMessage provides all required the functions in a single device. 

All functions in one device

The device is easy to integrate into existing company networks via its network interface, or it can be connected directly to a workstation PC or laptop/netbook. TopMessage devices can be used for remote monitoring via its up to date (UMTS) interface.


A modular design allows TopMessage devices to be adapted to any measurement and control task. Universal inputs enable any unit of measurement to be acquired (e. g. temperature, pressure, flow, vibration etc.). Data is scaled directly and recorded linearly. Conversions from mA to bar or ml/min are no longer necessary and integrated signal conditioning enables users to immediately process data at the unit of measurement required.


24-bit resolution A/D converters deliver high-level precision and permit the connection of extremely small signals (e. g. thermocouple). Integrated compensation means direct measurement can be performed.


TopMessage devices are equipped with universal inputs that allow the connection of any type of signal including non-isolated inputs. Expensive measurement transducers are therefore unnecessary. Potential isolation across channels and differential inputs saves both time and costs.


The internal data memory can store up to 132 million measurement values, continuously as well as with edge or level triggering. No PC-support is required.


The fully compatible ProfiSignal software provides on/offline analysis, visualization and operation from any PC workstation as well as PC-controlled process automation and database communications via ODBC/SQL.

Product features

  • Secure and reliable measurement data acquisition
  • Compact and modular design
  • Independent operation via integrated data memory
  • Integrated signal conditioning
  • Full potential isolation
  • Universal inputs and outputs (Pt100, NTC, TC, mV/mA ...)
  • Stand alone processing capability and extended functions via virtual channels
  • Connection of external equipment (PROFIBUS, RS232/485, Modbus ...)
  • Easy to configure from any PC, programming expertise is not required

Applications with TopMessage

  • Modular measurement data and monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of machinery and systems
  • Process data acquisition and preprocessing
  • Fault data acquisition and fault diagnostics
  • Acquisition, processing and recording of PLC and field bus signals
  • Monitoring device for process and vibration signals

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